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West Virginia’s Van Zant’s proposal goes to NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee

vanzant-greg I reported on January 6th that West Virginia head coach Greg Van Zant made a proposal for a change to the RPI. (FULL STORY) It was discussed at the ABCA convention and recently was sent off to the NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee where it will be reviewed again. Continue reading West Virginia’s Van Zant’s proposal goes to NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee

NCAA issues Moratorium for Composite Bats

BatRolling4 The NCAA has announced that they are placing a moratorium for composite bats according to a report from Baseball America’s Aaron Fitt (LINK). The issue about the composite bats aroused during the Tennessee and Vanderbilt season ending series where multiple homers by the Volunteers were hit over the wall at ridiculous distances. Tim Corbin was adamant that Tennessee was using hot bats to hit those homers including getting a bat confiscated. The SEC Tournament Conference Call which took place after that series focused on the issue.

Continue reading NCAA issues Moratorium for Composite Bats

CBB Roundtable on 2009 Rule Changes

The College Baseball Blog will be providing roundtable discussions during the season on some of the big issues around college baseball. We invited Swarthmore Assistant Coach Jordan Wyckoff to join our writers to discuss some of the rule changes for the 2009 NCAA season. Some of the changes are minor and others focus on the safety of the players and on the field personnel. We will also see a few changes in the amount of conferences each team is allowed on offense and defense. We comment on a bunch of the changes below. Continue reading CBB Roundtable on 2009 Rule Changes

NCAA Regional Changes Coming Soon?

Texas A&M University athletic director Bill Byrne writes a weekly newsletter to fans addressing the state of the athletic program, fan questions and concerns, and NCAA issues. In this week’s newsletter Byrne addressed a memo received from the NCAA regarding concerns of travel costs to various NCAA Championships. College baseball could be one of the main sports greatly impacted by any potential rule changes to address this concern. Byrne had the following to say on the subject: Continue reading NCAA Regional Changes Coming Soon?

2009 NCAA Baseball Rule Changes

The official NCAA Blog has put out a great post about some of the potential rule changes around College Baseball for next season. The biggest change is the fact that they will require base coaches to wear a helmet next season following the lead of Major League Baseball after the unfortunate death of a minor league coach in 2007. One of the other rule changes deal with speeding up the game with less conferences with umpires and on the mound. The final rule change is to eliminate all the huddling around home plate by a team after a home run or doing live play where teammates will come out of the dugout. I actually saw this happen last season during a Division 2 matchup between Franklin Pierce and Assumption. The Franklin Pierce benched emptied to congratulate the running scoring but the ball ended up getting away from the infield and going into the middle of the players coming onto the field. We were able to secure video of Jim Paronto talking about the rule changes. Continue reading 2009 NCAA Baseball Rule Changes

The NCAA Baseball Rules Committee Actions


The NCAA baseball committee sat down and discuss some changes to some rules to help speed up the game and for safety purposes.

  • enforcing time limits (a pitch must be delivered within 20 seconds with no runners on base)
  • the batter’s box rule (the batter must generally keep one foot in the box during an at-bat)
  • handling of conferences (defensive and offensive)
  • speeding the time between innings and during pitching changes were areas the committee identified as areas of possible improvement
  • This season, all base coaches are required to wear a helmet when coaching the bases.
  • The committee also believes that, in some cases, fields are not being lined properly before play begins.

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