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Cracking down on Advisers

OSU TTU BASEBALL If you have been following this site for over a year, then you have heard me talk about the Andrew Oliver case at least a few times. The main issue in the case is whether or not drafted players could use legal counsel to help them negotiate a contract. The NCAA has been very strict that these advisers violate the amateurism rule if they are paid like they were in the Oliver case. This is very interesting as MLB teams have lawyers helping negotiate contracts but the drafted player can’t? Don’t you think something is wrong there?

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Bryce Harper leads Baseball America’s 2010 Draft Rankings

BryceHarper Baseball America recently put out their Top 25 College Baseball and High School Prospects for the 2010 MLB Draft. The college rankings are led by Bryce Harper who has received national attention for skipping his final two years of high school to play college baseball with Community College of Southern Nevada. The rest of the top five is Anthony Ranaudo from LSU, Deck McGuire from Ga Tech, Levon Washington from Chipola JC, and Chris Sale from Florida Gulf Coast. The rest of the top 25 is available below.

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NCAA looking into cracking down on “Advisors”

AndrewOliver The NCAA is currently looking into cracking down on the Advisers/Agents in the MLB Draft negotiations. The reason for this comes from the Andrew Oliver case where he was deemed ineligible because he had an advisor (agent) representing him out of high school during his negotiations. MLB is also not happy with the current situation with how drafted players are receiving outrageous money from some of the large market clubs.

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Head to the Minors or College?

JackMcGeary I know we are technically a college baseball blog but these two articles are about some players that decided to skip college to head to the minor leagues. Both of them have had good results but reaching them in much different ways.

The first article focuses on number 2 pick in the 2007 MLB Draft Mike Moustakas who is currently on pace to make the Kansas City Royals in a few years. He was selected ahead of some current MLB players in Matt Wieters and Rick Porcello just to name two of them.

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Pitchfork Nation talks with ASU’s Josh Spence

JoshSpence2 Pitchfork Nation reporter Michael Kossett recently sat down with Arizona State senior pitcher Josh Spence to discuss his decision to return to Tempe for his final season of eligibility. Spence had a solid 2009 season which saw him go 10-1 with a 2.37 last season including a solid outing at the College World Series. You can check out the full video below.

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Kendall’s Biggest Surprises of MLB Signing Day

raley-300x199 Kendall Rogers of Rivals.com has put out his biggest surprises from the MLB signing deadline on Monday evening. His two biggest surprises that signed are Texas A&M two-way player Brooks Raley and Rice RHP Ryan Berry. Each of them fought through issues during the 2009 season with Raley tiring at the end of the season while Berry was injured during the season which dropped his stock. He also goes over some of the biggest surprises that came back to school with LSU’s Blake Dean and Arizona State’s Josh Spence.

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Arizona State big winners on Monday

JoshSpence Arizona State who made the 2008 College World Series this past season received a major boost in the arm with Josh Spence deciding to return for his senior season while third round selection Jake Barrett decided to attend ASU over signing with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Sun Devils only lost two signees to the MLB Draft this year in Nolan Arenado (second round/Cleveland) and pitcher Chad Thompson (17th/New York Yankees).

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Two key LSU Recruits head to MLB Draft

ncaa_a_mainieri_200 Randy Rosetta of The Advocate has a good article looking at how LSU’s Paul Mainieri ended up losing two key recruits near the signing deadline in Slade Heathcott and Brody Colvin. Heathcott was expected to sign as he was the 28th overall selection by the Yankees but coach Mainieri expected Colvin to end up on the field at Alex Box Stadium. Colvin actually made it all the way to campus as he was taking part in freshman orientation but the Philadelphia Phillies sent a scout to see him and put in a last ditch effort which caused Colvin to sign. These two players join three other recruits who backed out of their commitments to the National Champions. We should see how these loses affect the program in the coming years.

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Lost in the Shuffle: Ackley signs with Seattle

dustinackley Dustin Ackley and the Seattle Mariners came to terms on Monday evening on a five year $7.5 million deal but it was lost in the wake of the Stephen Strasburg deal. The Mariners were burning the midnight oil as they beat the deadline by 15 minutes. I personally had a chance to see him play in over 10 games during his college days and was thoroughly impressed with his hitting. Dustin also has a great attitude and should be able to handle the off the field pressures of being the number two selection in the draft. He is not as fast but still runs well so in my opinion he will be an excellent number two hitter. The only question is: Where will the Mariners play him? Second base? Centerfield? I have heard many different things and we should see what Seattle does over the next couple of years with him.

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Breaking News: Strasburg signs with Nationals

Strasburg The national nightmare has come to an end as Stephen Strasburg has signed with the Washington Nationals for 15.67 million over four seasons according to a report by Baseball America’s Aaron Fitt which posted the following tweet.

Aaron Fitt reports Strasburg signs. MLB deal worth $15.67 million over 4 years.

Interesting that he got such a large deal and was only 4.33 million off the 20 million that was getting thrown around over the last few days.