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Ann Arbor Regional Day 3 Recap

By Thomas Nelshoppen of The Baseball Zealot

Kentucky 12 Michigan 6

I had been warned in the past that the deeper you go into Michigan’s rotation, the suspect it gets. It was never more evident than in the Michigan-Kentucky game on Sunday. Kentucky scored 7 runs in their first inning and added two more in the second. Michigan starter Jeff DeCarlo gave up a hit, a wild pitch and two walks before getting yanked in favor of Ben Jenzen. Jenzen didn’t fare much better. He gave up three consecutive doubles to Collin Cowgill, Brian Spear and Chris Wade which quickly made it 5-1 Kentucky. Wildcat Troy Frazier topped off the first with a two-run homer. Continue reading

Ann Arbor Regional Day 2 Recap

By: Thomas Nelshoppen of The Baseball Zealot
We start to see some players shine in day 2 at Ann Arbor. Players like Arizona’s C.J Ziegler and Kentucky’s Sawyer Carrol really came through for their teams. But first, some unfinished business between Michigan and Kentucky from the night before.

Michigan 7 Kentucky 5

Michigan and Kentucky had to attend to their suspended game from Friday night. Michigan came in with in a 5-1 lead thanks to Zach Putnam’s 5-inning performance the night before. Continue reading

Ann Arbor Regional Day 1 Recap

By Thomas Nelshoppen of The Baseball Zealot

Weather had played major tricks to us college baseball fans in the Midwest. There must have been a record number of postponements, cancellations and suspensions. Unfortunately, the rains came to Ann Arbor Friday evening and interfered with the Regional games. At least, Arizona and Eastern Michigan got their full game in so let’s start with them Continue reading

CBB Regional Preview: Ann Arbor

By: Thomas Nelshoppen of The Baseball Zealot
Last week at the Big Ten Tournament, Michigan’s bat boy was wearing a jersey with “692” on the back of it. The reference was lost on me till later when I read that is the exact mileage from Ann Arbor to Omaha.

When you set your goals, set them high.

Michigan (45-12) will put that all to the test as they host a NCAA Regional Tournament at Fisher Stadium beginning this Friday. They received a #2 seed and in fact, are the only #2 seed hosting a regional tournament this year. They will begin the tourney by facing #3 seed Kentucky (42-17). #1 seed Arizona will take on #4 seed Eastern Michigan (25-32). Continue reading