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LSU tops 2009 Attendance Figures

NewAlexBoxStadium The LSU Tigers won another title this week when the NCAA released the 2009 Attendance Numbers. LSU averaged 9,611 fans per game last season on their way to the 2009 College World Series title. Arkansas finished in second place with an average of 7,906 while Ole Miss finished third with an average of 7,003. The rest of the top five is rounded out by two more SEC teams with South Carolina averaging 6,805 and Mississippi State averaging 6,301. You can check out the rest of the top 50 below.

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Book Review: Strike IX

Celebrating-Friars Paul Lonardo recently sent me a copy of his new book Strike IX which details the final season of College Baseball at Providence College. They ended up winning the 1999 Big East title and advances to the Tallahassee Regional where they made the Regional final before running out of gas against the host Seminoles. This is a great read if you are not familiar with what happened at Providence College or have any interest in how Title IX affects student athletes. I highly recommend this book which can be purchased by clicking here.

Northern Sun Conference changes schedule format for 2010

nsiclogo_thumbBeginning with 2010, the Northern Sun Conference has announced that all conference series will start with a nine inning game, immediately followed by a seven inning set. The series will consist of four games over a period of two days. Northern Sun Baseball brings up some interesting points about this change: Continue reading Northern Sun Conference changes schedule format for 2010

Wall Street Journal looks at Revenues of College Sports

UKAthletics The Wall Street Journal has put out a very interesting article about the median revenues of major football schools and the numbers are not good for baseball at all. Baseball on average at these schools lose $709,000 while the football programs make nearly 2 million dollars. These numbers are skewed as most major football schools in the northern part of the country have fully funded football programs but do not fully fund the baseball program.

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Wood Bats vs Metal Bats

11370259_BG1 This is an argument that comes up every single off-season at least once on this site about the use of Wood Bats vs Metal Bats. There is currently a case in a Montana court room where a pitcher was struck by a ball in the temple and died a few hours later when a blood clot formed. The pitcher’s parents are suing Hillerich & Bradsby which is the parent company of Louisville Slugger.

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Check out PingWits

Bat The owners of, new College Baseball forum contacted me recently and wanted to see if I could make a post about their fabulous new site. They are looking for people to come on the site and discuss College Baseball from all conferences and levels. Each Division 1 conference has their own seperate forum while Division 2, Division 3, and NAIA also have theirs.

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The staff over at sent us three 1 Gigabyte USB drives for use with the website. They were nice enough to engrave them with the name of the site. These drives have worked excellent as I have been able to transfer many files between all the computers I use during one day with ease. I would highly recommend checking out their site to see if you could use them for your company/personal needs.

NCAA President Myles Brand passes away

 036 Myles Brand who served as the NCAA President since 2003 passed away from Pancreatic cancer on Wednesday. He was diagnosed in January and fought the disease with great effort but sadly passed away yesterday. He will be known nationally for firing legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight when Brand was the President of Indiana. Knight choked one of his players during a practice which led to the firing. On the baseball side of things was a key component in keeping the NCAA baseball season at it’s current 56 game limit but currently we don’t know what the new president of the NCAA will do during their tenure.

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