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CBD Journal with URI’s Mike Le Bel (January 4th)

Hi Everyone,

First off, Happy Holidays to everyone.  These past couple weeks have been a great time simply relaxing with family and friends. I hope everyone got to enjoy it as much as I did.

That being said, putting the holidays behind us simply means that we’re one step closer to the start of the 2012 college baseball season.  February 17th is right around the corner and I know that my teammates are all itching to get back to Rhody to continue preparing for the season. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (November 29th)

There are many Stater codes that we try to adhere to, some more spelled out than others. Things like being on time, attending every class, and participating in community service events are all front-line things that can be punishable offences if they are neglected.

But the Stater code that is at work when all of these things are being done is the code of loving your team. No matter what the task at hand may be, its participation and completion boils down to brotherly love. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Ray Ricker (November 22nd)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I’m back blogging for my second year. I guess people were shocked that I could put together a coherent sentence, so here I am back at it. For those of you who did not read my blog last season (I’m sure that’s the majority of people) let me introduce myself. My name is Ray Ricker and this is my 5th season as the Associate Head Baseball Coach at DII Post University in Connecticut, which plays in an ALL wood bat conference (C.A.C.C.) I have managed for the past three summers in the N.E.C.B.L. I coach the hitters, catchers, and handle the recruiting at Post University. I love coaching college baseball, and  am very fortunate I get to do a job that I love and couldn’t think about doing anything else. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (October 27th)

By: Tommy Richards
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Staters will be treated equal. 

Stater Code No. 2: No one Stater is more important than any other.

Do the freshmen in our program get smacked with doing the tedious jobs that nobody else wants to? Absolutely…about 25 percent of the time, just like every other class of guys on the team. From the Friday night guy to the equipment manager, if you are running with the Staters, you get respect in our book. Continue reading


CBD Journal with URI’s Mike Le Bel (October 12th)

Hello again everyone,

We are about a month into fall ball here at URI. Luckily, the Rhode Island weather has cooperated so far and we’ve been able to be outside almost every day that we can – hopefully I didn’t just jinx us. Even on days when it does rain, we are able to utilize our brand new hitting barn, which is an unbelievable resource for the team. Having a facility like this to train in when the harsh Northeast weather really starts to set in will pay huge dividends for URI Baseball. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Drake Browne (Furman)

The life of a college athlete can be interesting at times, to say the least. I do not think that it is better, or more fun that the regular college experience, but it is incredibly different. I have seen this throughout my first two years as a college baseball player, and I continue to see it every day. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Tommy Richards (Washington State)

By: Tommy Richards
Learning the Terminology

Stater code number one: The Staters are bigger than yourself. Staters are the group of dudes that come together collectively in the town of Pullman, Washington, determined to master whatever is thrown their way. We take pride in this name; thirty-five of us as one. Continue reading