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Welcome to College Baseball Daily which began in 2005 during the College World Series as The College Baseball Blog. This site has become the Ultimate Source for College Baseball News and Notes around the nation through the years. The staff of the blog attends in excess of 100 baseball games during the College season and many College summer league games. The staff can be contacted through email by clicking here. You can check out each member of the staff by clicking on their respective bios on the side or by clicking here.

  • mary ann

    Do you have any information on George Washington University?
    I know they have several new players for the 2010 season.

  • Rherd1

    Can’t find anything about Div II baseball. Search gives me stories from 2008.

  • Geoff02

    Do you do a ranking of college freshman?

  • Jason27

    Love for Stony Brook. You had much repect for them earlier in year because you knew how good their team was.(5 draft picks in 1st 12 rds, blew up cape cod last summer) Then i feel like after a small early slump by jankowski and carmona, you (n all your followers who are not north east baseball followers) just forgot about them. C’mon man  SB baseball heading to Omaha. “Shock the World”. wish you didnt give up on them in april.