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Taking a College Baseball Player for the Summer

Litchfield (CT) County Sports writer Timothy Gaffney posted an editorial to the paper from Susan Kolukisa on her experience hosting a Torrington Titan this summer.

For the past several years, in early spring, the great debate begins. Should we or shouldn’t we host a Torrington Titans player for the summer? I’m not sure it’s fair to say “debate” because truthfully it can be categorized as “the hard sell”. Our 14 year-old son, Daniel is the only boy among our three children, so the idea of having another guy in the house is a huge plus. Our oldest daughter, Morgan is 16 years-old and beginning the process of choosing colleges, she loved the idea of having a college student’s brain to pick. And let’s be honest, what teenaged girl wouldn’t say “yes!” to having a college boy spend the summer in her house. For our youngest daughter, nine year-old Sophie, having another big brother to protect her and spoil her would be a thrill. While I have always been a “more-the merrier” kind of mom who loves to entertain, Levent was not convinced hosting a player was a good idea this summer. Aside from logistics about where the player would sleep, we had a week-long vacation planned. Would it be okay to leave the player alone for a week? Would we have the space or the finances to house another person? Well, of course those puppy dog stares and continual begging from the kids won out. We would host a player for the Titans 2014 summer!

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