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Tulane awaiting Medical Results on Jones

RickJonesTulane head coach Rick Jones missed the majority of the 2014 season due to medical issues. The team struggled throughout season going 23-29 which was the first losing season since 1994.

Jones, whose 12 NCAA tournament appearances and two College World Series berths makes him the most successful leader in school history, was forced to step down for the 2014 season on March 21 because of an array of cardiovascular and blood pressure issues which rendered him unable to take his place in the Tulane dugout. If he’s able to return, only one year remains on his contract.

Jones’ absence thrust Jake Gautreau, who served as recruiting coordinator and hitting coach, into the interim role and shook up the status of Tulane’s most stable program. Now, following a 23-29 season, the program’s first losing record since Jones’ arrival in 1994, Tulane faces a crossroads.

“As we speak, the uncertainly continues,” Dickson said Wednesday afternoon, claiming he was still waiting on a full medical report. “I’m confident it will get resolved shortly, but I’m not sure which way it’s going to go because we need to know the health outlook on Rick before we do anything.

“So much of this is contingent on his ability to continue. Then looking beyond that we need to see what needs to happen in regards to the program moving forward.”

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