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2014 NCAA Regional Projections (April 22nd)

The 2014 College Baseball season is in full swing but it is never too early to take a look at the 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament. These are our latest look at the projections at what the tournament bracket will look like if the tournament started today. All questions and comments can be discussed in the section below the post.

1. Virginia * (1)
2. Old Dominion
3. VCU *
4. Army *
1. Kentucky
2. Louisville
3. Illinois State
4. Xavier *
1. Washington * (8)
2. UNLV *
3. UC Santa Barbara
4. South Dakota State *
1. Texas *
2. Vanderbilt
3. Pepperdine *
4. William & Mary *
1. South Carolina * (5)
2. Clemson
3. High Point
4. Columbia *
1. Rice
2. Oregon State *
3. New Mexico
4. Sam Houston State *
1. Florida State (4)
2. Mercer *
3. Mississippi State
4. Samford
1. Alabama
2. Georgia Tech
3. UCF
4. Alabama State *
1. LSU * (3)
2. Maryland
3. Arkansas State
4. Delaware State *
1. Houston *
2. TCU
3. Arkansas
4. Canisius *
1. Louisiana * (6)
2. Tennessee
3. West Virginia
4. Ball State *
1. Ole Miss
2. Liberty *
3. North Carolina
4. SEMO *
1. Florida (7)
2. Miami
3. Bryant *
4. Stony Brook *
1. Indiana *
2. Indiana State
3. Oklahoma State
4. Wright State *
1. Cal Poly * (2)
2. Arizona State
3. San Diego State
4. Sacramento State *
1. Texas Tech
2. Oregon
3. Dallas Baptist *
4. Western Carolina *


Conference Projected Champ
America East Stony Brook
American Athletic Conference Houston
Atlantic 10 VCU
ACC Virginia
Atlantic Sun Mercer
Big 10 Indiana
Big 12 Texas
Big East Xavier
Big South Liberty
Big West Cal Poly
CAA William & Mary
Conference USA Rice
Horizon League Wright State
Ivy League Columbia
MAAC Canisius
MAC Ball State
MEAC Delaware State
Missouri Valley Dallas Baptist
Mountain West UNLV
Northeast Conference Bryant
Ohio Valley Conference SEMO
Pac-12 Washington
Patriot League Army
Southern Conference Western Carolina
Southland Conference Sam Houston State
SWAC Alabama State
Summit League South Dakota State
Sun Belt Louisiana
West Coast Conference Pepperdine
WAC Sacramento State


In: Arkansas State, Columbia, Delaware State, High Point, New Mexico, North Carolina, Samford, San Diego State, TCU, West Virginia

Out: Bethune-Cookman, Cal State Fullerton, Florida International, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Penn, San Diego, UAB, UCLA, UC Irvine

  • spazaru

    I’m a Gator fan but I have to say the Gators going from unranked to a possible national seed is amazing and maybe not realistic. They’ve won a lot of one run games and that could turn on them in an instant. I think their position has to do as much with other teams playing badly. They still have tough games coming up. Their position in the RPI and strength of schedule will get them into the tournament and maybe a host, but the fact that they really don’t have a solid pitching rotation and their lineup is top-heavy makes me skeptical that they get a national seed. Mississippi State had pitching last year similar to Florida’s this year. All hands on deck, but they had better hitting. Should be fun to watch what they can do with this anyway.

    • Charles

      The fact that they have just lost two midweek games against terrible RPI teams seems to indicate that you might be right, but still, they are in the driver’s seat to win the SEC regular season championship. Alabama’s schedule is brutal from here on out, so I don’t see them winning it. LSU has a chance and is peaking at the right time, but they’ll need to sweep Tennessee and/or Texas A&M in order to catch up, and if Florida can sweep Mizzou, it’ll be damn hard for anyone to catch them.

      • spazaru

        Yeah, that was pathetic. Also, the drubbing they took against Kentucky was sad. They’re bats have a habit of all going cold at once. I don’t see them sweeping Mizzou. Then, they have to go to Alabama and they’ll be lucky to win one there. We’ll see; I love to watch them when they’re playing well, but they sure have some bewildering cold streaks.

  • I understand Nebraska lost at home to a really really bad Northwestern team, however they still have some really really good wins. Neutral vs Oregon State and Washington, UC Irvine, @Arkansas, UNLV. Have some bad losses Northwestern, Northern Colorado and The Citadel. RPI is still in the top 50 and they should be in.

    • Lets play this…30 or so auto bid and about 15 of those are teams in the top 30. Got to take the next 20 teams that aren’t going to win their conference. Now you are up to 50 teams.

      They have a loss to Oregon State so that win is also negated…

      They do not have any quality road victories including a series loss at The Citadel and a home series loss to UNLV.

      • If they go on a 12 and 2 or 13 and 1 run with series wins at Michigan and At Michigan state and sweeping Penn state and Illinois at home, lose to Indina in the title game that puts them at 38 or 39 wins in the regular season plus the wins in the tourney you are looking at about 42 and 19 or 43 and 18, that should get them in

      • Plus you don’t consider @arkansas a quality road win?

  • Dan

    i see you have Tenn as a #2 seed, but they are on border of getting into conference tour. can they go to regionals without conference tour?

    • Yes they can…happened in the past with UNC and in the SEC on a couple of occasions

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • Chris Luper

    Maryland is not going to get a 2 seed. With State’s collapse, there only notable conference series win is over GT. And what’s the deal with Wake Forest not even being on your teams under consideration. They are still 12-9 in the league and top 50 RPI.

  • Jake Fletcher

    The weekly LSU comedy continues. The third place team in the SEC with an RPI of #15 isn’t a national seed, much less the third overall seed.

    • Charles

      Let me guess, you still think Ole Miss is a “lock” for a national seed?

      • Jake Fletcher

        Ole Miss is a lot closer to a national seed than LSU is. Now that LSU is third in their own division, they will be the #1 national seed on this site.

        • Geaux Tigers

          Old Mrs. sucks!

          • Jake Fletcher

            As they sit ahead of you in the RPI and SEC standings.

          • Beaux Tigers

            Yet, LSU is ahead of Old Mrs in EVERY human poll. Hmmmm. The writers AND coaches believe LSU is better.

            I am sure if the human polls ranked Old Mrs higher, you would be advocating that we ignore RPI. Which means you are a hypocrite, in addition to being ignorant and stupid.

            SEC standings? LOL. Is the season over? No? Then, why are you talking about SEC standings? You sound foolish. You talk about pre-season scheduling, then point to conference standings. We know cherry-picking when we see it.

            Give it a rest, Jake. That way it will hurt less when your season ends early.

          • Jake Fletcher

            As soon as someone brings up human polls, you know that they are new to college baseball. Ole Miss leads in every metric used by the selection committee. You keep cheering over your human polls while the rest of us laugh about how useless they are.

          • Human polls mean zero in college baseball… Rpi is the major selection criteria

          • Jake Fletcher

            Yeah, exactly what I’ve said the whole time.

        • GeauxLSU

          Call me old-fashioned but I think when comparing two specific teams (if available) you should take into account head-to-head match-ups. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t LSU go into Oxford and win that series? Also, LSU is 3rd in their division by a half-game. Not unfathomable that they could be tied for 1st had they started that Sunday game 30 minutes earlier. Finally, their two series losses came at Florida and at Vandy (#1 and #16 in RPI, respectively). Neither of these are egregious losses, in my opinion. Granted, they didn’t look particularly impressive in either series but, I think reasonable minds would agree that in baseball you are bound to have a lull in the season.

          • Jake Fletcher

            You may like head to head, but that isn’t something that the committee considers. Maybe it might come into play if two teams are deadlocked in many metrics. The reality is that Ole Miss has better numbers across the board than LSU. The committee considers the whole season, not one weekend.

      • Jake Fletcher

        RPI is up to #4 for Ole Miss. Good call, Charlie.

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  • Ron hill

    I am 65 and would like to go to a fan friendly conference championships. Anyone have an idea about a good one to go to. I’ve been to Oklahoma City, big 12. Thank you

    • Fan friendly? The sec draws crazy crowds and probably the best but means the least.
      I love the smaller conference tourneys because if the team loses they go home

  • Catcher

    UAPB is going to make some noise in the SWAC tournament. I don’t know why everyone is all over Alabama State. They play on the way weaker side of the SWAC and they play a cake schedule.

    • Honestly it doesn’t matter as the swac bid is coming from the tourney champ

  • TITANation

    Stanford in
    Fullerton in
    Oregon St National Seed

    • Jake Fletcher

      Stanford might want to think about getting a winning record first.
      Fullerton sucks. They aren’t getting into anything.

  • Simsropp

    Why are you projecting Mercer to go to a national seed site unlike Georgia Tech? Seems like Mercer would be rewarded with a weaker site than Ga Tech who they swept this year and have a better record.

    • Location location location as they say in real estate… New projections come out tomorrow

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