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Brawl between Central Arkansas and Arkansas Little Rock

UCA- Nate Ferrell (four games)
UCA- Brandon Montalvo (four games)
UCA- Matt Anderson (eight games)
UCA Assistant Coach Trent Kline (four games)
UALR- Unknown at this time.

On Wednesday evening, Central Arkansas and Arkansas Little Rock got into a brawl. Arkansas Little Rock head coach Scott Norwood came out to the plate to question an interference call involving his catcher and a Central Arkansas batter. 

After a brief discussion, the umpires called the interference on the play. Central Arkansas manager Allen Gum then came out to argue the call. After a long delay, Norwood came back out of the dugout to get the game restarted where they was a disagreement between the two coaches emptying the benches.

As you can see in the video below, Little Rock head coach Scott Norwood is pushed over by current Central Arkansas assistant coach and former South Carolina Gamecock player Trent Kline.

BTW: Central Arkansas won the game 5-4 in 11 innings.

College Baseball Daily has reached out to the Southland Conference and UCA to see if any of the players or coaches will be facing discipline.

  • Shotgun Spratling

    Was Scott Norwood trying to get a PK? What a soccer flop!

    • A two handed shove to the chest from an assistant coach about half his age and he flops?

      • Shotgun Spratling

        Two-handed shove? Really? That might have been his intention when he came out of the dugout, but before he could even shove, Norwood was already down on the ground.

        Norwood went down faster than the elderly lady in the Life Alert commercials. I bet he was yelling, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” as well. He’s not even 50 years old.

        • First issue, the Assistant Coach has no right to be questioning a call on the field at all since the head guy was already discussing it. It will be interesting to see what the Southland Conference and UCA do about Trent Kline’s actions.

          • Shotgun Spratling

            Nothing to do with the biggest soccer flop I’ve seen in baseball since Jeter’s fake hit by pitch against the Rays:

          • The reason Norwood had to come out of the dugout was the fact that Gum had a lengthy argument with the umpires and then the assistant is coming out for an explanation…

          • Shotgun Spratling

            And again…nothing to do with the soccer flopping. I know how the argument started…I don’t care. There is no prior circumstance or explanation for Norwood going down like Pacquiao vs Marquez.

      • Craig Blair

        Sorry Brian, that coach didn’t flop once but twice. Unless the other team’s HC had a Pinocchio nose and poked him in the eye, he flopped.

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