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2014 CBD Journal with Tim Caputo (Rhode Island)

caputo_journalHello Everyone,

So fall ball is officially over. This doesn’t mean we hang up the spikes and bundle up for the cold winter months ahead, though. Not only do we continue to hit in the barn, take ground balls on the turf, and tune our base running techniques, but we’ve incorporated a busy and demanding lift schedule into our weekly routine.

Hearing the alarm clock ring and looking over to read 5:00 am is when you realize how much you really love this game and are willing to make sacrifices to become the best that you can be. 6:00 am lifts are a testament to dedication our guys have and the hard work we are putting in to reach our full potential. The fog covering the mirrors at the end of our workouts indicates just how hard we work every time we set foot in that weight room.

Day in and day out, we compete to earn a spot on the final spring roster. The sweat staining our shirts and every repetition will all be worth it when we step onto the field February 14th, to take on Florida Gulf Coast in Fort Myers. The road to success is full of adversity, but when we come together as a team working towards a common goal, and achieve greatness, it is an experience that will stay with us throughout the rest of our lives.

Sometimes the best way for us to make an impression on the community is by playing our hearts out for them and leaving it all on the field. Other times its by simply shaking a few hands and saying hello. Our guys have been heading out into the surrounding neighborhoods and doing exactly that, trying to raise awareness of our program and let people know about our goals and expectations. We also recently held our annual golf tournament at Quidnessett Country Club to raise money for the season and create a sense of family within our program. I think its safe to say that a great time was had by all who participated!

On a side note, October 27th marked the two-year anniversary of the passing of our beloved teammate and brother Joey Ciancola. Joe will forever be in our hearts and our prayers. Some may say that the rule books only allows nine guys on the field, but we know we’ll always have our angel in the outfield.

As the weather gets colder, the anticipation grows greater. Only 11 weeks until the season opens up. The road before us is vast and there will be obstacles along the way, but with every day comes a new opportunity for each of us to improve and become a better player and a better teammate. I know I speak for all of the guys when I say that we will continue to prepare to get back to where we left off: at the conference tournament, where we have some unfinished business.

Until next time,
Tim Caputo

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