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UCLA Baseball’s Jackie Robinson Stadium in Trouble?

UCLAPileUSAToday is reporting that Jackie Robinson Stadium which serves as the home of the UCLA Bruins could be taken away from the school as part of a 125 year old land deed. 

A federal court judge ruled in August that the terms of the deed, agreed to by the federal government in 1888, mean the land is reserved for the benefit of disabled veterans and precludes use by outside interests.

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero declined to overturn his ruling this week but said UCLA and another school utilizing part of the same 387-acre parcel of land can appeal further.

You can check out the full article by clicking here.


Updated: October 23, 2013 — 3:31 pm
  • jimmy

    I would imagine some sort of agreement can be reached, in the spirit of public good

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