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CBD Poll: Padded Hats coming to College Baseball?

JAHappFeaturedLast evening, Toronto Blue Jays lefthanded pitcher JA Happ was drilled with a line drive back to the box that his him in the head. (Video available here) He was taken off on a stretcher and was bleeding from his ears on the mound. Of course, this happens more often in college baseball due to the sheer numbers of games played compared to the pros. 

There was a proposal this preseason in college baseball to go to a padded hat for the pitchers on the mound but Major League Baseball declined to allow their use. Could Happ’s injuries be less severe if he was wearing one of these hats? It couldn’t have hurt though. You can check out a full Outside the Lines report on the issue below.

So will we see these sort of padded hats in College Baseball soon? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

Updated: May 8, 2013 — 1:18 am
  • If they come to MLB, they’ll come to college baseball. It still won’t protect a lot of the head and if you put some kind of mask on it, pitchers won’t be able to go more than 3 innings. It would be too grueling. Obviously something needs to be done. But again, it won’t protect the face. Danny Young of Florida took one off the mouth a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know how you stop that. The BBCOR bats probably helped him there. I wish I knew the solution. Pitching is the hardest job on the field and would be almost impossible if they had to wear too much equipment.

    • I have seen some Softball pitchers using a mask in the past.

  • Why not just use L screens, you play a sport, you take a risk.

  • Two years ago my son was struck in the head by a line drive against UC Riverside. As a parent, it is the worst baseball memory. Soon after, Easton approached him with a padded hat/helmet model. Although my wife was really for the idea, my son wanted no part of it. He said that he had been playing baseball since he was 4 years old and the chances of it happening again were unlikely. He also said that he shouldn’t be on the mound if he was worried about getting hit again. Last weekend he just celebrated senior weekend and has shown no hesitation or fear while on the mound. I do admit, every time a line drive is hit back thru the box, I cringe and let out a sigh of relief. I don’t see many pitchers signing up for the new model hat.

  • jimmy

    For the pitcher , padded hats is a good idea . these kids have the rest of their life to live . for someone to think otherwise is very odd!!! .The NCAA has to be their keeper here . so they profess to be …. DO IT NCAA !!!

    • If they save one kid’s life, I think if is worth it!

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • Smokey


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