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2013 NCAA Regional Projections (May 8th)

13regionalprojections_smAs we’re now well into the 2013 college baseball season, College Baseball Daily continues our countdown to Selection Monday with our latest 2013 Regional Projections.

For this week’s projections, instead of being solely compiled based on RPI like they have been done in past weeks, every aspect was taken into consideration. College Baseball Daily’s Ginger Poulson (@gingerpoulson) compiled this list after analyzing RPI, overall records, conference standings, overall talent and several other factors. If you have any questions about the projections feel free to leave a comment below or send her a tweet.

Enjoy the regional projections!

KEY: Bolded Teams are Regional Hosts, (#) is National Seed, * is Automatic Qualifier

Chapel Hill Regional

1. *North Carolina (1)

2. UNC Wilmington

3. *Campbell

4. *Maine


Starkville Regional

1. Mississippi State

2. Georgia Tech

3. Rice

4. *Jackson State


Nashville Regional

1. *Vanderbilt (2)

2. Clemson

3. Austin Peay State

4. Notre Dame

Louisville Regional

1. Louisville

2. Alabama

3. Kansas

4. *Valparaiso

Baton Rouge Regional

1. LSU (3)

2. Louisiana-Lafayette

3. *Sam Houston State

4. *Bryant

 Tallahassee Regional

1. Florida State

2. Florida

3. North Florida

4. *Rider


Fullerton Regional

1. *Cal State Fullerton (4)

2. Arizona State

3. San Diego

4. *Cal State Bakersfield


Los Angeles Regional


2. Troy

3. Cal Poly

4. *Buffalo


Corvallis Regional

1. Oregon State (5)

2. Kansas State

3. *South Florida

4. *Gonzaga


Bloomington Regional

1. *Indiana

2. Kentucky

3. Stanford

4. *Holy Cross

Charlottesville Regional

1. Virginia (6)

2. *Mercer

3. Pittsburgh

4. *Tennessee Tech


 Fayetteville Regional

1. Arkansas

2. *South Alabama

3. *Southern Miss

4. *Columbia


Eugene Regional

1. *Oregon (7)

2. *New Mexico

3. San Francisco

4. *South Dakota State


Norman Regional

1. *Oklahoma

2. Mississippi

3. Arizona

4. *Wichita State

Raleigh Regional

1. NC State (8)

2. Coastal Carolina

3. *Western Carolina

4. *Charlotte


Columbia Regional

1. South Carolina

2. Virginia Tech

3. Seton Hall

4. *Delaware State


Predicted Conference Champions
(Automatic Qualifiers)

Note: Changes from last week are noted with the previously projected conference champion in italics following the newly predicted conference champion

America East: Maine
Atlantic 10: Charlotte (Previous: St. Louis)
ACC: North Carolina
Atlantic Sun: Mercer (Previous: North Florida) 
Big 12: Oklahoma
Big Ten: Indiana 
Big East: South Florida 
Big South: Campbell
Big West: Cal State Fullerton
CAA: UNC Wilmington
Conference USA: Southern Miss 
Horizon: Valparaiso (Previous: Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Ivy League: Columbia (Previous: Dartmouth)
MAAC: Rider 
MAC: Buffalo
MEAC: Delaware State
Missouri Valley: Wichita State (Previous: Missouri State) 
Mountain West: New Mexico
Northeast: Bryant
Ohio Valley: Tennessee Tech 
Pac-12: Oregon 
Patriot: Holy Cross 
SEC: Vanderbilt 
Southern: Western Carolina 
Southland: Sam Houston State  (Previous: Lamar)
SWAC: Jackson State 
Summit League: South Dakota State
Sun Belt: South Alabama
West Coast: Gonzaga
WAC: Cal State Bakersfield

Breakdown of Teams by Conference

  • 9 teams: SEC
  • 7 teams: ACC
  • 6 Teams: Pac=12
  • 5 teams: Big East
  • 3 teams:  Big 12, Sun Belt, West Coast
  • 2 teams: Atlantic Sun, Big South, Conference USA, Ohio Valley, Southern
  • 1 team: America East, Atlantic 10, Big 10, Colonial, Horizon, Ivy, MAAC, MAC, MEAC, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, Northeast, Patriot, Southern, Southland, Summit, SWAC, WAC


  • Alex

    What was the deciding factor in putting #83 Arizona in over #17 Miami, considering that Miami has the edge in every category imaginable? Arizona has one win over the top 50.

  • zach lesner

    still no Miami?

    • Alex

      They are on an anti-Miami crusade now. That’s more important than putting out quality baseball coverage. Arizona isn’t even in the “next ten out” in other projections. Their resume is absolutely void of quality wins. They lost 23-1 just five nights ago and lost a series to abysmal Washington, yet here they are. Lazy research.

      • And Miami lost a series to a three win ACC squad.,,,

        Brian Foley
        Editor of College Baseball Daily

        • Alex

          Miami also has series wins over #12, #14, and #23. SERIES wins. Plus single wins over #1, #3, and #5. Would you care to list Arizona’s quality wins? Thanks. There is no defending Arizona over Miami, and I look forward to watching you try. One win over the top 50???

          • Ginger has Arizona winning their final two series and Miami losing both…that was HER projection
            Brian Foley
            Editor of College Baseball Daily

          • Alex

            (1) Arizona has three series left, not two. (2) If Arizona wins the series at UCLA, UCLA will not be hosting. There aren’t enough west coast teams in the field this year to justify a fourth western host that is on the bubble. The committee doesn’t put a bunch of teams on airplanes unless a fourth western team is an obvious host. See, there’s a lot more to this than the time you people are putting into it.

            And if this is HER projection, let HER respond and quit taking the ill-informed pot shots.

          • She doesn’t want to respond to your drivel..waste of time

            Brian Foley
            Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • Jdaddy

    watch out for auburn, RPI is close to the 30’s, SOS 30’S.. 10 games over.500 cant believe they aren’t getting any talk. I know need to get two from UF thisweekend, would that be enough for you to put them in your field?

  • Alex

    FYI – the script error that keeps crashing the browser is easily fixable from your end.

    • So think you have an answer for this…What is your answer for that? It is with Disqus and showed up when we upgraded

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily
      Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

  • kent57

    clemson should host over nc state they beat them 2 outa3 at state also beat nc at nc rpi in the 20s

    • Chuck

      Sorry, bud State finished ahead of Clemson in ACC standings, and NC State has a higher RPI….we hosting, and will be a National Seed…Go Pack!!

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