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Poster of the Day: Oregon State

PatCaseyOregonStateAs we start counting down to the first pitch of the 2013 season, we are running some of the best posters from schools across the country. The team we feature today is the Oregon State Beavers. They are coming off a season which saw them go 40-20 and 18-12 in the PAC-12. You can check out the poster below. Future posters can be sent to me by clicking here.



  • jimmy

    not too bad . good poster really . Looks like Nike backs them to the hilt with Team uniforms,belts and so on …. I dont know if the gloves are Nike but they are all the same make …. interesting how some teams get or have the money to burn ..and other teams are left selling pop bottles to buy gloves for their boys in the NCAA….even at the D1 level. the distribution of money is something that the NCAA should work on .

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