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Missouri’s Simmons Field at Taylor Stadium gets a New Surface

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As the Mizzou baseball transitions to the SEC for the 2012-13 academic year, the Mizzou department of athletics is busy giving Simmons Field at Taylor Stadium a makeover as the field is in the process of being resurfaced. After having Kentucky Bluegrass on the field for years, Mizzou turf manager Josh McPherson and the baseball staff have been busy installing a new type of Bermuda grass called Latitude 36, the first of many changes with the resurfacing project.

The Latitude 36 grass will match the current dark green look that has donned the field at Taylor Stadium for the past several seasons. In addition to adding the Latitude 36, there are several other changes that fans will notice at Taylor Stadium next season. The additional changes are listed below.

– The grass on the infield, sidelines and the strip around the back edge of the infield dirt has been removed.
– The sand has been re-grated.
– The natural soil on the sidelines has been replaced with sand, which makes the entire field sand-based.
– New irrigation heads are being installed in the infield and outfield and old sprinkler heads are being moved to cover more area.
– The laying of the Latitude 36 sod will begin on Tuesday (Aug. 7), beginning with the infield and sidelines.
– The outfield will be sprigged with the Latitude 36 on Wednesday (Aug. 8).
– The entire field will be ready for play within three weeks.
– The turf collar around the home plate area will be replaced following Mizzou’s fall practice schedule.
The field improvements at Taylor Stadium are the first step in a process of improving Simmons Field at Taylor Stadium. The home of the Mizzou baseball team is one of the facilities that will be upgraded as part of the facility expansion project that was announced by Mizzou earlier this year.
In addition, McPherson and his staff have been recognized for their work with Simmons Field in the past as this year’s resurfacing project is in good hands. In fact, McPherson and his staff were recognized by the Sports Turf Managers Association last November as Simmons Field was named College/University Level Baseball Field of the Year.

Updated: August 6, 2012 — 9:36 pm
  • Oh, thrill. A new grass configuration! More sand; that’s exciting. That will undoubtedly have the folks at Alex Box, Carolina Stadium, Perry Field, etc., shaken up by this new challenger in the SEC.

    Look at ALL the proposed upgrades to the Mizzou baseball facility. Then look at lowly University of Cincinnati’s stadium. Which would you rather have?

    Jamieson needs to polish up that resume because he’s about to be destroyed in the SEC.

    This alum curses the day the idiot regents chose the SEC.

    • Brandon

      The move to the SEC was undoubtedly a good one. You have to look at it from all sports, not just baseball. Football will be fine in the SEC East, basketball will dominate. Women’s sports will grow too (especially women’s hoops and softball). Baseball will be rough for a year or two, but they’ll catch up. Coach J has a solid foundation in place, now he just needs to build it up.

  • jimmy

    Sand and Grass with a few sprinkler heads is the plan for Missouri U ??? wow , do the kids have to colllect pop bottles to pay for it ?? … are we talking the South East Conferance here (SEC) ? . WOW, the multi billion dallar organization called the ‘NCAA’ is loaded with cash and very high paid administration …. when will they start spening it on Baseball fields and investing it in facilities . my gosh …… .I here CNN is ready to do another spot on these guys / gals and where all the money goes ….. its quite obvious there is no money for sand and sprinkler heads …..

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