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Eddie Orozco, Doug Smith Discuss Riverside’s 2-0 Loss to Irvine

Eddie Orozco's complete game wasn't enough for Riverside.IRVINE, Calif. ā€” You would think UC Riverside ace starting pitcher Eddie Orozco would get frustrated that he rarely gets any run support from his offense. If so, he doesn’t let it be known.

Despite throwing his third complete game of the season, allowing two runs in eight innings, Orozco took his fifth loss of the season Saturday afternoon as UC Riverside (12-22, 4-7) lost 2-0 to UC Irvine (22-17, 7-7) at Anteater Ballpark.

But after the game, Orozco didn’t show any anger or frustration.

I chatted about the tough loss with Orozco and Highlanders head coach Doug Smith.

Orozco discussed focusing on controlling the elements that he can affect — everything until the ball leaves his fingertips — and not dwelling on everything that he can’t control. He also mentioned what he says to his teammates when they apologize for not giving him any more support:

Smith, the veteran head coach of the Riverside program, called Saturday’s loss “tragic.” He blamed the offensive struggles on a lack of discipline by his hitters, who he said did not follow through with the gameplan the coaching staff outlined. Smith also told me that he doesn’t have to tell Orozco anything after the game because “He’s a man. He’s not a boy. He understands he did everything he could do.”:

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