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CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (April 27th)

This weeks’ Stater code is to live in the present moment. Sounds simple enough but through the course of a season it gets easier and easier to look at your next game our your next at bat, when really all that matters in the here and the now.

Not to steal the classic Bull Durham cliché of taking them one day at a time, but that is really what we try to focus on. Living in the now is one of the most powerful ingredients in making the most out of each day.

We came across a cool poem that sums of this idea, and now that it hangs on a wind in the clubhouse it sticks with us as we get up in the morning. Here’s a taste.

Today’s Poem

Outside my window, a new day I see
And only I can determine what kind of day it will be
It can be busy and sunny, laughing and gay
Or boring and cold…unhappy and gray.
My own state of mind is the determining key,
For I am only the person I let myself be.
I can be thoughtful and do all I can to help
Or be selfish and think just of myself.
I can enjoy what I do and make it seem fun
Or gripe and complain and make it hard on someone
I can be patient with those who may not understand
Or belittle and hurt them as much as I can.
But I have faith in myself and believe what I say
And I personally intend to make the best of each day

Author unknown

Simple and true, we believe that this poem holds great truth and fosters the perspective we as Staters’ are all looking to live off of. Hopefully was a breathe of fresh air for whoever read it for the first time.

Go Cougs,

Tommy Richards

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