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UConn Announces Plans for New Stadium


STORRS, Conn. (January 31, 2012) — The University of Connecticut Division of Athletics has established “Stadium Enhancement/Construction” funds in the sports of soccer, baseball and softball. The purpose of the funds are to upgrade or build new facilities for those sports.  The projects are all still in the early planning stages and the full scope of these projects have yet to be determined.  The projects will be funded entirely through private donations

UConn is currently raising funds for the building of a new Basketball Development Center on the Storrs campus, which will be located on the current site of Memorial Stadium.  Approximately $16 million has been fundraised to this project to date.

“As we continue to aggressively raise funds for our Basketball Development Center, we are also doing the same to support our men’s and women soccer, baseball and softball programs,” said Interim Director of Athletics Paul Pendergast. “All four of these programs have enjoyed national success over the years, but our on-campus playing venues have fallen behind that of our peer institutions.  In order to maintain and enhance the excellence we desire in these sports, we have to make sure these teams have modern, outstanding facilities.”

For information on contributing to any of these funds, please contact the UConn Athletic Development Office at 860-486-3863.

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    The tuition increases at UConn and the fund raising for these sports fac.  don’t sit well with people in CT.  even if they are not connected

    • Tuition is increasing at all schools…I believe the new facilities at Uconn will be built on donations. Uconn would not be known if they didn’t have a top notch basketball program. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

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