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Clemson LHP Jeremy Scheck transfers to Illinois

Clemson freshman LHP Jeremy Scheck has left the Tigers baseball program and will attend the University of Illinois according to CBD sources close to the situation. Scheck was a highly touted recruit for the Tigers from Vernon Hills, Illinois where he was an Under Armour All-American, and a member of the USA Baseball 18U National Team.Scheck was expected to add depth to the Tigers pitching staff as a freshman and be used out of the bullpen mostly.


  • Honestabe

    This kid was only a highly touted recuit because of all the money that his dad fed to Todd Fine over the years. Fine owns Prep Baseball Report, Top Tier Athletics and runs talent combines. He also posts videos for more money and is a promoter for Under Armour. This kid was named an Under Armour All American and NEVER won a game in his high school career. …truth be told is that Clemson gave him an offer from a video tape and when the kid showed up on campus Clemson saw that he would never contribute to the team and they ran him off…. highly touted recruit…..phooey !!!!!!  

    • Interesting comments…Truth be told, I was going off the Clemson press release when he signed. 

  • PalmettoBBFan

    I have no idea what the kid was like in HS.  But right now his biggest problem is he never recovered from Tommy John surgery as a HS Junior.  Don’t know if it was lack of rehab or failed rehab, but he showed up at Clemson literally unable to throw the ball across the plate.  Some guys never regain proprioception after surgery no matter how hard they rehab.  He still has a long way to go.

  • Jsmith1749

    Scheck had Tommy John surgery from the renowned Cincinnati Reds physician that has completed hundreds of these surgeries.  He had ample time to complete rehab and attended a summer camp for scholarship baseball players at Clemson..  This may be a case of the “coddled” athlete that can’t handle the demands of big time SEC baseball.  Its very interesting to hear that Clemson would sign a player that didn’t play in high school. I have never heard of a scholarship decision based on ONE video taped showcase game and a recommendation from a baseball club owner that is clearly biased toward his own player..

    • PalmettoBBFan

      Doesn’t matter who does your surgery, whether it’s Kremchek, Andrews, or Mengele, it is not always successful.  And by “successful” I mean more than just replacement of the ligament.  You can have a 100% “stable” ligament and still not be able to pitch.  Rehab helps restore function, but is not 100% successful either.   Proprioception (the feel of where your arm is in space) takes longer to return in some than others.  Sometimes it never fully returns.  Bottom line is he’s not there yet.  Whether he can learn to throw again and what his ceiling is, I don’t know.  But I wish him well.  The rest of this nonsense you guys want to talk about is irrelevant.  

      • Injuries happen…I have no idea how strong he was but I know several ACC coaches were recruiting him in high school and were disappointed to see him go to Illinois so fast.
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        • Jsmith1749

          Brian, I would be interested in hearing where you found Scheck to be a member of the USA U18 National Team?  He didn’t get a sniff of that team as he was hurt throughout high school and graduated with one varsity start…

    • RSN

      Kid i played Legion ball with back in the day got a scholarship and went to UNC on just someone’s recommendation without Mike Roberts or anyone on his staff seeing him play.  Kid was UNC’s starting catcher his freshman and until he signed after his JR year.(i still say i was better hitter than him and no idea why they made me pitch in college 🙂 )  So yes that happens.  Not trying to be too picky but Clemson is in the ACC. 

  • Lee

    Highly touted recruit?  All Top Tier kids are highly touted by pbr if you’re one of the chosen!!!  Thats what happens when  your ranked #7 in your class as a sophomore and don’t pitch for 2 years and then drop to #15 in your class as a senior. Must have been a pretty bad class with no pitching Sean Duncan. What are you and Todd Fine smoking?

    • I believe the kid had Tommy John surgery…might have something to do with his arm struggles! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

  • Dadadeee23

    You guys can bash on the kid all you want, I played ball with him my entire life, and ill have you know this kid had more talent then I had ever seen, and worked his ass off every day to get ready for the Clemson season. Maybe he wasn’t ready, but it certainly was not because he wasn’t good enough. He lost his shot, I don’t know how you can bash on him, that was his dream…

  • Rob Wlson

    I sent an email to Prep Baseball Report in Illinois regarding how they evaluated prospects.  The response I received indicated that you had to pay to attend one of their events.  There is plenty of talent out there that doesn’t get evaluated if their parents don’t pay to attend the events. The only alternative is for the parents to do the networking, unless some of their coaches have their own networks.

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