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2012 Top 100 College Baseball Players

Here is College Baseball Daily’s annual look at the top players in college baseball. The list is based on personal observations from CBD Editor Brian Foley, CBD Senior Writers Kat Cornetta and William Knox. We have also used many prospect lists from around the country to help out with our rankings. When possible, we included videos so our readers can get a glimpse of the player in action. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section of each post and if you want to discuss the entire list use the section below.

1. Mark Appel (Stanford)
2. Mike Zunino (Florida)
3. Deven Marrero (Arizona State)
4. Michael Roth (South Carolina)
5. Victor Roache (Georgia Southern)
6. Marcus Stroman (Duke)
7. Stephen Piscotty (Stanford)
8. Peter O’Brien (Miami, Fl)
9. Hudson Randall (Florida)

10. Kurt Heyer (Arizona)
11. Brian Johnson (Florida)
12. Richie Shaffer (Clemson)
13. Kenny Diekroeger (Stanford)
14. Kyle Hansen (St. John’s)
15. Bo Cuthbertson (Southern Utah)

16. James Ramsey (Florida State)
17. Taylor Dugas (Alabama)
18. Daniel Aldrich (College of Charleston)
19. Barrett Barnes (Texas Tech)
20. Buck Farmer (Georgia Tech)
21. Austin Maddox (Florida)
22. Branden Kline (Virginia)
23. Kevin Plawecki (Purdue)
24. Chris Beck (Georgia Southern)
25. DJ Baxendale (Arkansas)
26. Michael Wacha (Texas A&M)
27. Kevin Gausman (LSU)
28. Robert Refsnyder (Arizona)
29. Daniel Palka (Georgia Tech)
30. Brett Mooneyham (Stanford)
31. Jeremy Baltz (St. John’s)
32. Matt Boyd (Oregon State)
33. Bobby Wahl (Ole Miss)
34. Tony Bucciferro (Michigan State)
35. Matt Price (South Carolina)
36. Logan Vick (Baylor)
37. Adam Plutko (UCLA)
38. Tyler Naquin (Texas A&M)
39. Jason Monda (Washington State)
40. Chase McDonald (East Carolina)
41. Christian Walker (South Carolina)
42. Sam Stafford (Texas)
43. Max Muncy (Baylor)
44. Adam Brett Walker (Jacksonville)
45. Josh Elander (TCU)
46. John Simms (Rice)
47. Nick Wittgren (Purdue)
48. Jordan John (Oklahoma)
49. Chris Overman (NC State)
50. Corey Knebel (Texas)
51. Colin Moran (UNC)
52. Taylor Ard (Washington State)
53. Dietrich Enns (Central Michigan)
54. Kent Emanuel (UNC)
55. Steve Nyisztor (Rutgers)
56. Joe Bircher (Bradley)
57. Ryne Stanek (Arkansas)
58. Connor Harrell (Vanderbilt)
59. Trevor Gott (Kentucky)
60. LJ Mazzilli (UConn)
61. Michael Lorenzen (Cal State Fullerton)
62. Dillon Overton (Oklahoma)
63. Kyle Zimmer (San Francisco)
64. Austin Kubitza (Rice)
65. E.J. Encinosa (Miami, FL)
66. Justin Amlung (Louisville)
67. Karsten Whitson (Florida)
68. Brian Ragira (Stanford)
69. Nolan Fontana (Florida)
70. Tony Bryant (Oregon State)
71. Jared King (Kansas State)
72. Scott Firth (Clemson)
73. Bryan Radziewski (Miami, Fl)
74. Joey Rickard (Arizona)
75. Dominic Ficociello (Arkansas)
76. Ryan Dalton (UTSA)
77. Tom Murphy (Buffalo)
78. Erich Weiss (Texas)
79. Nick Vander Tuig (UCLA)
80. Anthony Gomez (Vanderbilt)
81. Jason Coats (TCU)
82. Tommy Coyle (North Carolina)
83. Travis Jankowski (Stony Brook)
84. Austin Wilson (Stanford)
85. Eric Anderson (Missouri)
86. Ryon Healy (Oregon)
87. Jeff Thompson (Louisville)
88. John Neely (Texas Tech)
89. Ronnie Freeman (Kennesaw State)
90. Justin Jones (Cal)
91. Tony Kemp (Vanderbilt)
92. Joey DeMichele (Arizona State)
93. Zack Weiss (UCLA)
94. Andrew Stumph (Texas State)
95. Cole Swanson (San Diego State)
96. Krey Bratsen (Texas A&M)
97. Brian Holmes (Wake Forest)
98. Trey Mancini (Notre Dame)
99. Patrick Cantwell (Stony Brook)
100. Joe Sclafani (Dartmouth)

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  • Yak

    Carlos Rodon?

    • Preseason list!

      Brian Foley

      • ashley

        What does that mean “preseason list”? That’s exactly what we are saying, that you are attempting to rate and evaluate talent for the upcoming 2012 season. You obviously saw his high school numbers and had to hear of him if this is what you do for a living. Just admit you didn’t evaluate him as the best player in the country coming out of high school. Aaron Fitt and many others have stated that he would have been the first pick in the draft had he been eligible. It does matter that this is a preseason list, he was eligible to make your list as he was eligible to play this year, which he did! Give me something other than preseason list. Are you saying all the other so-called “experts” are wrong about Carlos. Look at all the awards he has already won, and he will probably win The Golden Spikes Award, which will be announced Friday. Waiting on this answer for sure.

    • ashley

       Are you saying you don’t know who Carlos Rodon is? Please tell me you aren’t really asking that question. He is only one of the three Golden Spikes Award finalist. Look him up, check out his numbers and then you shall have no questions. Did you follow college baseball at all this year?

  • ashley

    Please stop this list! You don’t have the best player in the country, Carlos Rodon, on this list. This is absolutely absurd! If you can’t evaluate talent any better than that, please stop trying to do it, and let other more qualified people do it. Who gives people this forum, to make a list of the top 100 players in the country, yet leave off the best player, regardless of the fact that they are a freshman. Everyone knows he would have been the first pick in the draft, had he been eligible. Really! Really! You really actually made this list and posted it for everyone to view. Please find another profession, please!


    • Show me any article mentioning Carlos Rodon as a top of the rotation guy before March 1st…you can’t!
      Rodon hadn’t proven himself on a college mound and if he was so good coming out of high school, a MLB team would have paid him top dollar to sign
      Brian Foley

  • B

    Jack Giannini, Fairfield…He needs to be on this list!

  • mikey v

    dominican college senior andrew camardella 1st base diamond in the rough
    rockland county n.y. kid is a beast can you get some info on him?

  • mikey v

    just checked camardella led nation in doubles why is he not on anyones list
    589 slg % 340 avg wood bat college big boy great athlete 6’3 220