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CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (November 29th)

There are many Stater codes that we try to adhere to, some more spelled out than others. Things like being on time, attending every class, and participating in community service events are all front-line things that can be punishable offences if they are neglected.

But the Stater code that is at work when all of these things are being done is the code of loving your team. No matter what the task at hand may be, its participation and completion boils down to brotherly love.

Things slowed down for everybody on the team this week as we went our separate ways for Thanksgiving break.

With more time during the day, I’m sure it was nice for everyone to catch up on the things that we had been putting off until the break. If my mom reads this she will know that I am talking about the car full of laundry that I graced her with upon my arrival.

With that being said, I believe there was a clear understanding that we could not put off getting better and keeping our team goals in the forefront of our minds. There were inches to be won over break; there is no doubt about that.

It would have been easy to throw all cares aside for the week and say we would start fresh on Monday, but the respect and love we all share for each other made it unquestionable that we were going to get the most out of the week.

Our departure from school was accompanied with a fitness plan for our days out of town. It was on us as individuals to make sure we didn’t devise from the clear plan set in place.

This last week was a special week for the Cougar athletic department not only because of Thanksgiving, but also because it was Apple Cup week. The cross-state showdown between the Cougs and the Dawgs always brings excitement and intensity.

Though our boys weren’t able to pull out the “W” this time around, one thing was clearly in motion: the Lobbestael Effect (don’t bother looking in the dictionary for the definition of this term; you won’t find it). This is the phenomenon by which one puts his teams needs in front of his own and finds that his personal production also improves.

I think fifth-year quarterback Marshall Lobbestael deserves some big ups. Hopefully you didn’t hear that here first, but I have a feeling you might have.

Lobbestael is a team-first kinda guy who wanted nothing more than to see the Cougs come out on top. We can all look to him as an example of what kind of teammates we want to be. For that reason, I found it fitting to give him some props in this brotherly love blog.

My apologies at the tardiness of this post, though I have a feeling not much sleep was lost over it. It’s back to the grind starting in the AM; don’t forget your Vitamin D pills if it’s not sunny in your area.

-Tommy Richards

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