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CBD Live Chat Recap for April 10th

College Baseball Daily will hold a Live Chat tonight at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific to go over the weekend of action. We ere be joined by CBD Editor Brian Foley, Assistant Editor Mark Rafferty, CBD senior writers Kat Cornetta, and William Knox.

  • Rick

    “I think Virginia made a MAJOR statement this weekend by taking two out of three games from Georgia Tech. They are the clear class of the ACC. FSU ended up losing two out of three games to UNC.”nnLOL…When it comes to ACC coverage, this site’s nothing but a platform for boosterism. UVA (which deserves praise, but hasn’t won their division yet) is this season’s darling, while that powerhouse of the Atlantic Division, Boston College, is the permanent darling. Right, zlac?nnTo think that people who are passive followers of college baseball might read this and think they’re reading something that carries some journalistic integrity is scary. Part of the power of the internet, sadly. nnA guy who was having a hard time getting other followers of college baseball to buy into his personal bias in his frequent posts on national message boards decides to start his own website in the hope that he can achieve some credibility. As I say, it’s scary.nnBy the way, why does this site take so long to load? Either it has some major coding issues, or it’s too gummed up with ads…or both.nnWhatever the cause, it’s received the last of my clicks. One can only hope that a growing number of readers see through its rubbish and come to the same conclusion.

    • I guess you missed the comment that said it is a joke that BC is a second place team in the ACC Atlantic. nnThe ACC is way down this season after UVA…..I would be stunned if anyone from the ACC besides UVA makes it to Omaha.

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