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2011 NCAA Regional Projections (March 2nd)

College Baseball Daily continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2011 NCAA Baseball Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to begin today. The projections are done through games played on Tuesday. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.


1. Florida (1) * 

2. Miami (FL)

3. Georgia Southern

4. Bethune-Cookman *

1. Stanford * 

2. Fresno State

3. Tennessee

4. Michigan State *

1. Virginia (8) * 

2. Ole Miss

3. Rutgers *

4. James Madison *

1. LSU 

2. Georgia Tech

3. SE Louisiana

4. Southern *

1. South Carolina (4) 

2. North Carolina

3. Coastal Carolina *

4. Charlotte *

1. Arizona 

2. Kansas State

3. Appalachian State

4. Wright State *

1. Clemson (5) 

2. College of Charleston *

3. East Carolina

4. Stony Brook *

1. Arkansas 

2. St. John’s

3. Oregon

4. Columbia *

1. Oklahoma (3) * 

2. Wichita State *

3. Creighton

4. Oral Roberts *

1. TCU * 

2. Rice *

3. Texas Tech

4. Central Connecticut State *

1. Cal-State Fullerton (6) * 


3. Hawaii *

4. Loyola Marymount *

1. Cal 

2. UC Irvine

3. Cal-State Bakersfield

4. Kent State *

1. Florida State (7) 

2. Washington State

3. UCF

4. Mercer *

1. Texas 

2. Texas State *

3. Virginia Tech­

4. Canisius *

1. Vanderbilt (2) 

2. Louisville

3. SE Missouri State

4. Austin Peay *

1. Texas AM 

2. Auburn

3. Troy *

4. Army *

* Projected Conference Champion

  • Guest

    what about Maryland? no love?

    • They need to show me a little bit more right now. If Miami continues to scuffle around, then UMD can take their spot.

      • Sconnoll

        I guess it’s really only curious because they were in before and have looked pretty good thus far. Who took their spot?

        • Virginia Tech is one of the teams I added. They have played well in the early going.

  • NYD

    I swear, Brian, if you guys ever put Austin Peay in Vandy’s bracket again, we’re no longer friends. I still have nightmares about Shawn Kelley pressing Price and Weathers in 2007. He completely screwed up our regional.

    • All you Vandy lovers talk about that 2007 regional!

  • TrojansFO

    USC looks good but can’t get the W 3 one run losses in a row in games that were winnable, are they going to figure it out in time to make the post season?

    • ya….the Pac-10 is loaded this year too.

  • Rip Torn

    Can Cal host a regional at Evans Diamond? No lights, not enough seats?

    • Honestly, they probably can’t and would travel as a one seed. I didn’t get into who was hosting in the projections right now but Cal deserves a one seed.rnrnBrian FoleyrnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

  • RSN

    Alright Brian,nnYou must be drinking my SOCON cool-aid. But ive got to ask, why CofC, GSU and App St?? I can see CofC and probably GSU but App St over Elon? Elon has won series vs NC St and South Florida. App St won 1 game vs the U and they are not your standard U this year.

    • Honestly, I feel App State is a better team then Elon. The Phoenix beat a bad pitching NC State program and a USF program that hadn’t won a game until they beat Elon.rnrnBrian FoleyrnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

      • RSN32

        nIll take those 4 wins over 1 win vs Miami though. I kinda hope your right about Elon cause man it looks like i was off. UNCW beat Elon 10-5 tonight though. App St does have some good arms thats for sure.nnWCU is going to be UP and down all year im affraid. Freshman Dakota Thomas threw 7 innnings 1 hit 0 runs and 7 Ks today. He walked in the winning run vs Wake Forest last week though.nnHow about Furman 3-0 over Georgia!!! LOL when it rains in Athens it pours.

      • RSN

        Well you can scratch App St off your list for now. Citadel swept them out of Charleston this weekend

  • RG

    What do you think about CSUB and the job Coach Kernan has done at the upstart program? They’re on a six game win streak, sweeping Washington and Valpo in subsequent series. They were also pretty competitive with Washington St. recently too, do you think they have a chance as an independent to make an impact?

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