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2011 CBD Mid-Major Poll (Feb. 21st)

By: Aaron Kirby
We have a new #1 after a very good opening weekend of college baseball. It was a very good weekend for alot of clubs and a very bad weekend for some clubs.

UCONN was the new and sexy pick in the Big East this year but Louisville showed it wants to remain the top dog in the Big East. Louisville(3-0) moves into the #1 spot in the poll after beating Michigan, Ohio St and Minnesota in the Big East/Big 10 Challenge. UCONN(1-2) did not have nearly the same success, dropping the opener to Purdue followed by loss to Minnesota before beating Michigan on Sunday and dropped from #2 in poll to #9.

Preseason #1 TCU(2-1) did not have a bad week taking 2 of 3 from Kansas and it took 14 innings for Kansas to knock them off Sunday. TCU dropped just one spot to #2 this week. More of a reward to Louisville then punishment for TCU.

Coastal Carolina(3-1) stays at #3 with the help of 2 walk off HRs this weekend. Their only loss this weekend was a 2-1 16 inning loss to Indiana.

College of Charleston(3-0) moves up one spot to #4 after winning all 3 games in their tourney including beating Kentucky on Friday night. The bat change does not look like it will slow CofC’s loaded lineup down much.

Fresno St(2-0) jumped over #7 Wichita St(3-0) and #6 FAU(3-0) by beating Gonzaga and beating Oregon St 2-1 in last game of weekend Sunday night, and went from #8 to #5. That is a reward for playing and beating a little tougher schedule. #6 WSU and #7 FAU just did what they were supposed to in sweeping Niagra and Hofstra respectfully.

St Johns(2-1) moves up one spot to #8 after beating Minnesota and Michigan before dropping Sundays game vs Ohio St. Another Big East club Pittsburgh(2-1) stayed at #10 after going 2-1 vs the end of the Big 10 beating Illinios and Iowa before dropping game to Iowa.

In one of the better performances of the weekend Hawaii(2-1) jumped from #18 all the way to #11 by taking the first 2 games of their series with Oregon. Hawaii got beat on Sunday by Oregon(threw 1 hitter) but still very impressive start to 2011 for the Rainbows.

Another club that opened 2011 in impressive fashion was SE Louisiana(2-1) who went from #17 to #13 after going to FIU(1-2) and the Wittels circus and won the series. Should be a fun year in the Southland with SE Louisiana and Texas St. The series loss dropped FIU 6 spots to #17.

#14 WCU(3-0) stayed at #14 after sweeping Morehead St but needed a 6 run 8th inning Sunday to complete it.

In what was probably the biggest shock of the weekend in all college baseball, Stetson(3-0) jumps all the way from NR to #15 after sweeping Georgia. Nice way to get back on the college baseball map Stetson.

Another club that won a big series from a power conference club is #18 Elon(2-1). After getting blown out Friday by NC State, Elon won the final 2 games to take the series. Elon enters the rankings at #18. And man did they prove me wrong, atleast for the first week of season. I doubted them after the quality players they lost but i tip my hat to Elon and Coach Kennedy. Well done.

San Diego(1-3) did not ease into 2011. They got beat by Vanderbilt all 3 games but did get a win over Winthrop. San Diego dropped to 4 spots to #16.

2 clubs that were kind of reward for the schedule they played are #23 Kent St(1-2) and #24 Minnesota(1-2). Each dropped 2 spots instead of dropping out of poll. Kent St went to Atlanta and got a win on Sunday and Minnesota played the Big East Big 3 St Johns, Louisville, and UCONN getting their W over UCONN on Saturday.

Mercer(3-1) really deserved to be included in the top 25 after beating #20 Liberty 3 of 4 games but couldnt drop Kent St and Minnesota out. But that did dropped Liberty out of top 25. Liberty was not the only club to drop out of top 25. #19 Citadel(1-3) dropped 2 games to Gardner Webb and split 2 games with Towson in their own tourney in Charleston. That was one of the shockers of the weekend.

#25 GSU(2-1) stayed put after winning the last 2 games(5-0 and 18-0) vs George Washington after getting shocked in 10 innings in the opener on Friday night in Statesboro.

By the way what happened to the new bats?

“Mid-Major Major 25” 2011 WEEK #1-2/18-2/20

#1 Louisville (3-0) #4 (3-0) Michigan 1-0 Ohio St 1-0 Minnesota 1-0
#2 TCU (2-1) #1 (2-1) Kansas
#3 Coastal Carolina (3-1) #3 (3-1) Boston Coll 1-0 Tenn Tech 1-0 Indiana 0-1 Virginia Tech 1-0
#4 College of Charleston (3-0) #5 (3-0) Kentucky 1-0 Miami OH 1-0 Marshall 1-0
#5 Fresno St (2-0) #8 (2-0) Gonzaga 1-0 Oregon St 1-0
#6 Florida Atlantic (3-0) #6 (3-0) Hofstra
#7 Wichita St (3-0) #7 (3-0) Niagara
#8 St Johns (2-1) #9 (2-1) Minnesota 1-0 Michigan 1-0 Ohio St 0-1
#9 UCONN (1-2) #2 (1-2) Purdue 0-1 Minnesota 0-1 Michigan 1-0
#10 Pittsburgh (2-1) #10 (2-1) Illinois 1-0 Iowa 1-0 Purdue 0-1
#11 Hawaii (2-1) #18 (2-1) Oregon
#12 Texas St (2-1) #13 (2-1) Nebraska 1-0 Missouri St 0-1 Air Force 1-0
#13 SE Louisiana (2-1) #17 (2-1) @ FIU
#14 Western Carolina (3-0) #14 (3-0) Morehead St
#15 Stetson (3-0) NR (3-0) Georgia
#16 San Diego (1-3) #12 (1-3) Vanderbilt 0-3 Winthrop 1-0
#17 Florida International (1-2) #11 (1-2) SE Louisiana
#18 Elon (2-1) NR (2-1) NC State 1-0 @ NC State 1-1
#19 FGCU (2-2) #15 (2-2) Central Michigan
#20 Western Kentucky (3-0) #24 (3-0) Bowling Green
#21 Charlotte (4-0) #23 (4-0) Coppin St
#22 Louisiana (1-2) #16 (1-2) SE Missouri St
#23 Kent St (1-2) #21 (1-2) @ Georgia Tech
#24 Minnesota (1-2) #22 (1-2) St John’s 0-1 UConn 1-0 Louisville 0-1
#25 Georgia Southern (2-1) #25 (2-1) George Washington
#19 Citadel (1-3) (1-3) Gardner-Webb 0-2 Towson 1-1
#20 Liberty (1-3) (1-3) @ Mercer
Mercer (3-1) (3-1) Liberty
Portland (3-0) (3-0) @ MTSU
Perpperdine (3-0) (3-0) E. Kentucky
Dallas Baptist (3-0) (3-0) Indiana St
Troy (4-0) (4-0) High Point
James Madison (4-0) (4-0) Bucknell
Samford (3-0) (3-0) W. Illinios
  • Dpslugger12

    Dallas Baptist should be on the list somewhere

    • RSN

      Dallas Baptist is at the top of the bubble list thats for sure.(have them listed) There just was not enough teams that deserved to drop out of top 25 to include them.

    • RSN

      Dallas Baptist is at the top of the bubble list thats for sure.(have them listed) There just was not enough teams that deserved to drop out of top 25 to include them.

  • Jshs

    SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE (SEMO) should be on this list!!

    • RSN

      I will certainly add SE Mizzo St to the list of bubble teams i keep track of each week. The ones listed at the bottom of the poll are just the top ones. I have a list of about 20 additional teams i keep up with results each week and add ones like SEMO when they get on the radar.

  • baseballer

    no kansas state huh?

    • baseballer

      I believe Kansas State has returned 6 of 9 starters including a juco all american and big 12 player of the year. Not to mention a starter who returned with an 11-2 record and a stacked freshman class..

    • RSN

      Um Kansas St is in the Big 12 the 3rd rated conference in college baseball.

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