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2011 Top 100 College Baseball Players

Here is College Baseball Daily’s 2011 Top 100 Players countdown.  The list is based on personal observations from CBD Editor Brian Foley, CBD Assistant Editor Mark Rafferty, CBD Senior Writer Kat Cornetta, CBD Senior Writer William Knox. We have also used many prospect lists from around the country to help out with our rankings. When possible,  we included videos so our readers can get a glimpse of the player in action. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section of each post and if you want to discuss the entire list use the section below.

1. Anthony Rendon (Rice)
2. Matt Purke (TCU)
3. George Springer (UConn)
4. Gerrit Cole (UCLA)
5. Jackie Bradley Jr. (South Carolina)
6. Taylor Jungmann (Texas)
7. Sonny Gray (Vanderbilt)
8. Trevor Bauer (UCLA)
9. Matt Barnes (UConn)
10. Alex Dickerson (Indiana)
11. Jason Esposito (Vanderbilt)
12. Jed Bradley (Georgia Tech)
13. Tony Zych (Louisville)
14. Danny Hultzen (Virginia)
15. Zack MacPhee (Arizona State)
16. Ryan Wright (Louisville)
17. Mike McGee (Florida State)
18. Peter O’Brien (Bethune-Cookman)
19. Mitchell Lambson (Arizona State)
20. Brett Mooneyham (Stanford)
21. Mikie Mahtook (LSU)
22. Tyler Anderson (Oregon)
23. C.J. Cron (Utah)
24. John Stilson (Texas A&M)
25. Kyle Winkler (TCU)
26. Kolten Wong (Hawaii)
27. Preston Tucker (Florida)
28. Austin Wood (USC)
29. Nick Martini (Kansas State)
30. Grayson Garvin (Vanderbilt)
31. Noe Ramirez (Cal-State Fullerton)
32. Barrett Barnes (Texas Tech)
33. Taylor Dugas (Alabama)
34. Alex Meyer (Kentucky)
35. Austin Maddox (Florida)
36. Andrew Gagnon (Long Beach State)
37. Scott McGough (Oregon)
38. Riccio Torrez (Arizona State)
39. Levi Michael (UNC)
40. Carson Smith (Texas State)
41. Nick Ramirez (Cal-State Fullerton)
42. Harold Martinez (Miami FL)
43, Anthony Meo (Coastal Carolina)
44. Johnny Ruettiger (Arizona State)
45. Brian Johnson (Florida)
46. BA Vollmuth (Southern Miss)
47. Tommy LaStella (Coastal Carolina)
48. Cole Green (Texas)
49. Zach Cone (Georgia)
50. John Hinson (Clemson)
51. Logan Verrett (Baylor)
52. Jeremy Baltz (St. John’s)
53. Dan Paolini (Siena)

54. Matt Price (South Carolina)
55. Randy Fontanez (South Florida)
56. Deven Marrero (Arizona State)
57. Drew Martinez (Memphis)

58. Brad Miller (Clemson)

59. Matt Skole (Georgia Tech)

60. Matty Ott (LSU)

61. Paul Hoilman (ETSU)

62. Steve Selsky (Arizona)

63. Aaron Westlake (Vanderbilt)
64. Jason Coats (TCU)

65. Ricky Oropesa (USC)
66. Cohl Walla (Texas)
67. Garrett Buechele (Oklahoma)
68. Kevin Tokarski (Illinois State)
69. Ryan Carpenter (Gonzaga)
70. Christian Walker (South Carolina)
71. Nick Maronde (Florida)
72. Jack Armstrong (Vanderbilt)
73. Andrew Susac (Oregon State)
74. Jordan Ribera (Fresno State)
75. Taylor Featherston (TCU)
76. Kyle Hansen (St. John’s)
77. Daniel Bowman (Coastal Carolina)
78. Kenny Long (Illinois State)
79. Dusty Robinson (Fresno State)
80. KC Serna (Oregon)
81. Joe Panik (St. John’s)
82. Scott Woodward (Coastal Carolina)
83. Cameron Seitzer (Oklahoma)
84. Kurt Heyer (Arizona)
85. Nolan Fontana (Florida)
86. Tyler Pill (Cal-State Fullerton)
87. Garrett Wittels (Florida International)
88. Matt Jensen (Cal Poly)
89. Pratt Maynard (NC State)
90. Dietrich Enns (Central Michigan)
91. Colton Murray (Kansas)
92. Mark Pope (Georgia Tech)

93. Jett Bandy (Arizona)

94. Jacob Tanis (Mercer)
95. Sherman Johnson (Florida State)
96. Andy Mee (Florida Atlantic)
97. Stewart Ijames (Louisville)
98. Jabari Henry (Florida International)
99. Kyle Simon (Arizona)
100. Matt Andriese (UC-Riverside)

You can check out 2010’s countdown by clicking here.

  • Baseballslife250

    Do you see Ben Thomas from Xavier University making the top 100 again?

    • Keep checking everyday and see if he is up.

  • IUfan

    Hope to see Dickerson and Monar from Indiana University on the list

  • Tacomacougar

    I don’t see the rest of the top 100. It stopped at #74?? Thanks!

    • I update the list everyday with one player.

    • I update the list everyday with one player.

  • Guess45

    Check out Shane Hamaker from Lamar university

  • Tim McFarland

    Ben Thomas should make this list again. Last two seasons, .347BA 29HR n135 rbi’s between 2009-2010 seasons.

    • We will see what happens!!

      • bluesman

        Curious as to why you will tell someone “JBJ is on the list! Can’t reveal where yet but it is coming!!!!” but not when someone else asks. Why is that… specifically Tim McFarland…

        • Because everyone knows JBJ is on every list this season! rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

  • Gofish2day247

    what about Cody Martin…Friday Starter Gonzaga University…Santa Barbara Foresters.#1 closer…just check out his summer stats against the best on the west coast…he shouldn’t be in top 100, rather top 20…

  • tom

    cant wait till we get to number 1 and see JACKIE BRADLEY Jr. up there babay! reighning 2010 national champions SOUTH CAROLINA GAME COCKS! go cocks!

    • JBJ is on the list! Can’t reveal where yet but it is coming.

    • Jander

      it’s not going to be Bradley.n

  • Bugga30

    Are only players that spent the summer in Cape Cod eligible for the list, outside of Garrett Wittels from FIU, probably there because of the hit streak, all are from the Cape summer program. What’s the deal? rn

    • It is the best 100 prospects in my staff’s opinion. The list has tons of non-cape players like Jeremy Baltz, Brad Miller, and Matt Price.rnrnIt will have more Cape players then other leagues since the best players are in the Cape.rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

    • The Cape Cod League naturally gives players the most exposure. Not everyone on the list plays in the CCBL, but 217 CCBL alumni played in MLB in 2009. Can’t say that about any other Summer League. Our preliminary list starts well before Cape Cod League action, it just so happens a good majority of the players we’re looking at all year end up in that league.

  • kcphillies

    Are you all ever going to have d2 players in the list some college kids dont make the grades in d1 so they go down to d2 and they are still good in any division..

  • kcphillies

    Are you all ever going to have d2 players in the list some college kids dont make the grades in d1 so they go down to d2 and they are still good in any division..

    • I have had D-2 and lower kids on my lists in the past. It just depends on the players.

      • Kcphillies

        Ryan Carbah is back for his senior season he had a medical redshirt last year but the six games he threw still had great numbers. you know about his past will he be thought of this year?

  • I think Brian has done a good job with rating (in his opinion) the top 100 players in the nation. He has his own criteria, just like all of us may have if we posted our own top 100’s. Keep up the good work Brian

  • Buggab30

    Thanks for the feedback, hoping FIU Center Fielder, Pablo Bermudez makes the list.

  • Buggab30

    Thanks for the feedback, hoping FIU Center Fielder, Pablo Bermudez makes the list.

  • Chefguy830

    From are career to date contribution standpoint, players like Gomez, McGee, Schaus, Klafczynski, and Nemeth belong as Top players.

  • Kcphillies84

    how about Johnny Coy from Wichita state he was drafted out of high school good power in college.and Ryan Carbah a dominating pitcher in college and in the summer playing in the MINK league.

  • Uclabruin1

    No love for UCLA?!?! WTF??

    • Yep…no love for UCLA at all (sarcasm)

      • Uclabruin1

        Any idea who might make the list other than Cole or Bauer?? (The best one-two punch in the country!!) I wish UCLA had some power hitters or left-handed pitchers for some balance this year…

  • Ben Plank

    What about Adam Smith from Texas A&M? Super pop and strong arm coming off TJ surgery last June. Where’s he at and why not on this list??

  • Duckforlife

    are we going to see marcus stroman on this list?kid did throw 29 scoreless innings in the cape and as I can tell from peoples comments this list is based on summer stats it seems

  • Fan

    Jamal Austin-UAB kid can play the game under the radar

  • Kevinjlimbaugh

    matt ramsey of (pisspoor) tennessee hit 98 on the radar gun but still no love. You like him as a catcher?

  • Uclabruin1

    Nice to see Bauer on the list @ #8, guess Cole will be coming up…I don’t think UCLA has anyone else worthy to be in the top 10. Bummer!!! 🙁 Wish we had some power hitters or left handed pitchers this season. Does anyone know of any potential power hitters who can step up for UCLA?? Maybe a frosh?? Thanks!!

    • Maybe Cole is on the list…maybe not!rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

  • Toby Ziegler

    I can guess the last five.nn5. Jackie Bradleyn4. George Springern3. Matt Purken2. Gerrit Colen1. Anthony Rendon

  • Dajackson037

    Chad Oberacker from Tennessee Tech hit .452 last year and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 19th round. He chose to come back for his senior year. He was on some post-season All-American teams last year and many pre-season All-American teams this year.

  • Bluel

    Any look at the Liles kid from Tenn? He was on the radar for the last few years….

  • CBB Analyst

    Where is Christian Walker from USC? You know, USC the team that won the national championship last year, HE isn’t listed at a top prospect? This list seems very biased towards players who represented the US team. Granted, the US team usually consists of the top prospects but before plastering the TOP 100 NCAA players do a bit more research. This list seems almost political – Matt Skole (Tony Skole – Head Coach ETSU) in the 60s? Anyway, back to my original point, you missed Christian Walker on this list.

    • Matt Skole was a first team All-ACC member last year…Are you for real? He was also a Freshman All-American in 2009. nnWalker is on the list…he is 70th.

    • Anonymous

      We put Christian on the list for a reason. Saw him first hand in Omaha.

    • Liljeter07

      he is on the list dummy. number 70

  • Dpslugger12

    How did Lex Rutledge from Samford not make it? He’s one of the best leftys in the country?

  • fan

    How is it possible that Victor Gomez from Marshall is not on the list? He ranks in the top-10 amongst active players in Division I college baseball in four separate categories. He is the only player in the nation to be listed in the top-10 in hits, homers, RBI and total bases.nTotal Bases (2nd) u2013 418nHomers (T-2nd) u2013 46nRBI (3rd) u2013 173nHits (10th) u2013 232

  • Terry Landers

    You need to look at Sophomores Dan Gulbransen and Adam Brett Walker of Jacksonville University – Top 100 potential — just saying……………………….

    • Ronnie Steinberg45

      Did I call it or What?  — Gulbransen a unanimous ASUN 1st Teamer and .300 Hitter in the Cape this Summer  and  Adam Brett Walker was on several All American List as a 1st or 2nd teamer.  He was also a Golden Spikes and Dick Howser Semi Finalist – not to mention the only returning NCBWA District Player of the Year (District III).  He hit over .400 during college season and had 99 hits.  He struggled in Cape – but has hit top pitching and top ranked teams throughout his college career.

      • Walker wasn’t very good in the Cape League though. He finished with a .216 average, 4 homers, and 17 RBI in 38 games.

        • Roro45

          Walker led his team in RBIs though and helped Hyannis to 1st Title since the 70’s.  Two titles in 2 years in 2 different leagues.  WINNER  –  Cape is important – but body of work is more important to me………………………

          • This was last year’s list just an FYI. 

          • Roro45

            That was last years list in which he (Adam Brett Walker II)was left off.  I’m just saying I had the vision to see he belonged on the list.  No Blaming.  I also said Dan Gulbransen should have been on the list and still believe he should have been.  Now he GUlly) hit .300 in the Cape and his team won the regular season title for 1st time in 30 years.  Lifetime .380 hitter in college and still left off?  Explain please?

  • Bballfan

    You guys are all baseball right? What about Jr. Randy Sturgill from Division 2 California University of Pa. At 6’2 and 220 lbs this big lefty in alot of people’s eye’s is the complete pitcher. He has great command of the strike zone (only 10 walks in 52 inn.) and works both side’s of the plate effortlessly to go along with his 202 career strike-outs (69 so far this year) You guy’s probably never heard of him, give him a look……

    • Wmc

      You are so right! he is a great pitcher to watch. His controll of the plate is to be admired! Big mistake no one taking him

    • Wmc

      You are so right! he is a great pitcher to watch. His controll of the plate is to be admired! Big mistake no one taking him

    • Wmc

      You are so right! he is a great pitcher to watch. His controll of the plate is to be admired! Big mistake no one taking him

    • Wmc

      You are so right! he is a great pitcher to watch. His controll of the plate is to be admired! Big mistake no one taking him

  • Fenixathleteadvising

    Jeremy Schaffer, 6’2″ 215lb, JR, C/DH, Tulane, .381/5/30 (19 doubles is 3rd in NCAA) (cape-cod AS)nnJeremy Rathjen, 6’6″ 195lb, JR, CF, Rice, season-ending ACL injury first week of march but would have been a top 5 round pick. was a CAL summer league all-star last season

    • No idea where you heard that Schaffer was a CCBL All-Star as he didn’t play in the 2010 game and didn’t in 2009 either.

  • TxWolf

    How about the New NCAA All-Time Doublesu00a0record holder Jason Krizan from Dallas Baptist.u00a0 Krizan approached the record with au00a0Four Doubles performanceu00a0last week against Texas A&M.u00a0 He tied and broke the record this week. Krizan sportsu00a037 Doubles on theu00a0season.u00a0u00a0

  • HoustSportsMan123

    How about Matthew Reckling of Rice University…6’4″ 205 Lbs. 4-1 record with a .290 ERA and 84 K’s? sits 91-95 on the gun

  • spencer

    danny steinstra and craig hertler of san jose state should be considered for this list …steinstra is hitting.347 with 52 RBI in 57 games.craig hertler is hitting .343 and has an OBP of .460u00a0 also on the same team a guy that deserves some attention is zach jones

    • This list was done in the preseason!rnrnBrian FoleyrnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

      • spencer

        those guys i mentioned…do you think they will get drafted?

  • POPS

    What about Josh Pond from UC Sanbernadino Ca.

  • POPS

    What about Josh Pond from UC Sanbernadino Ca.

  • POPS

    What about Josh Pond from UC Sanbernadino Ca.

  • Overlooking Anthony Meo of Coastal Carolina is a big mistake.u00a0 Many, many positives!

  • Coachbruce7

    Look out for Charley Boring, pitcher with alot of movement and some heat at 93-95 mph

  • Jeffandrewsky11

    fyi check out brandon cotten, rider university. i have seen alot of baseball over the years, this kid is special!