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CBB Review: Pocket Radar

PocketRadar I recently had a chance to review the Pocket Radar before it went to the market a few weeks back. I took it to six games over two different weekends at Boston College baseball games with them facing off against both Florida State and Georgia Tech.

I sat in the first row behind the plate which is about 20 feet behind the catcher and received so-so results with it picking up the velocity of the pitcher about 50 percent of the time. I thought that I would have picked up more pitchers with this so I was disappointed.


I spoke with the people that developed the Pocket Radar and they stated that it was not meant to take speed at the way scouts use their Stalker or Jugs guns and should be used more in a recreational situation like a coach standing behind the catcher or a parent wanting a reading on their kids fastball.

After receiving this information, I took the gun into my employer where we have a weekly softball game. I used it while the young people were warming up standing behind the ball coming in and got excellent readings every time so if that is the goal of the radar gun then it is successful.

I found the radar gun to be fairly easy to use. I never had a problem with using it and the battery life seemed long as it never went below full-power during my two weeks with it.

I highly recommend this radar gun for the amateur baseball coach or a parent that wants to get a reading on their kid’s pitches. If your a scout or need something more powerful, then this is not your product at all. You can purchase the Pocket Radar by clicking here

  • Kevin

    This was a real waste of money for me. Even right behind the catcher, you can’t get reliable readings. 50% is about right. Pocket Radar says you have to get the timing right, but for $250, wouldn’t you expect it to be, at least somewhat, foolproof? In addition, the speeds didn’t match the Jugs gun being used by the coach. So, if you want your friends to mock you for the $250 device you just spend your hard-earned money on, by all means, buy one of these. 

    • It matched for me WHEN I got readings at College games…Maybe you didn’t tune it right? I thought it was average at best anyways. 

  • Kevin

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I didn’t see anything in the manual about having to tune it, so I’ll check that out. The product is a nice idea, but I agree, it’s not quite ready for prime time. 

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