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CBB Column: 2010 NCAA Regional Projections (May 12th)

The College Baseball Blog continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2010 NCAA Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to begin today. We used Boyd’s World RPI which was updated through games on Tuesday as that was the latest available. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.

1. Arizona State* (1)
2. New Mexico
3. Texas A&M
4. Sacred Heart*
1. Vanderbilt
2. Oregon
3. Liberty
4. Wright State*
1. Texas* (2)
2. Rice*
3. Tennessee
4. Jackson State*
1. TCU*
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas State*
4. Michigan*
1. Florida* (3)
2. FAU *
3. Pitt
4. Bethune-Cookman*
1. Clemson
2. Auburn
3. The Citadel*
4. James Madison*
1. Virginia* (4)
2. College of Charleston
3. Oregon State
4. Oral Roberts*
1. LSU
2. UCONN *
3. UL-Lafayette
4. Ball State*
1. Louisville (5)
2. Kentucky
3. Western Kentucky
4. Murray State *
1. Georgia Tech
2. Alabama
3. Texas Tech
4. Illinois State*
1. Coastal Carolina* (6)
2. North Carolina
3. Stanford
4. Charlotte*
1. Florida State
2. South Carolina
3. Florida Gulf Coast*
4. Dartmouth*
1. Arkansas (7)
2. Arizona
3. Kansas State
4. Canisius*
1. Miami
2. Ole Miss
3. Washington State
4. Binghamton*
1. UCLA (8)
2. San Diego*
3. UC-Irvine
4. Army*
1. Fullerton*
2. Virginia Tech
3. Cal
4. Fresno State*

America East Binghamton
Atlantic 10 Charlotte
ACC Virginia
Atlantic Sun Florida Gulf Coast
Big 10 Michigan
Big 12 Texas
Big East UConn
Big South Coastal Carolina
Big West Cal-State Fullerton
CAA James Madison
Conference USA Rice
Horizon League Wright State
Ivy Dartmouth
MAAC Canisius
MAC Ball State
MEAC Bethune-Cookman
Missouri Valley Illinois State
Mountain West TCU
Northeast Sacred Heart
Ohio Valley Murray State
Pac-10 Arizona State
Patriot League Army
SEC Florida
Southern Conference The Citadel
Southland Conference Texas State
SWAC Jackson State
Summit Oral Roberts
Sun Belt Florida Atlantic
West Coast Conference San Diego
WAC Fresno State

  • Tigerterrace

    I see you have gone with the RPI template. Nobody has had LSU hosting for two weeks now and they have done nothing over the last three weeks to change that. They are like 2-9 over the last three weeks. Nobody gives Clemson much of a chance to host either at this point. They are the 5th team in the ACC which will probably only get 4 host sites.

  • The chance of Michigan winning the conference tournament is less than 10%. I think you have better odds going with Minnesota, Purdue, or Northwestern. All three starting rotations are much stronger, and all three teams have been on fire in conference play (maybe not Northwestern as much). If Michigan doesn’t get the bye, they don’t have an ace on their staff that I think stands up to anyone elses’ ace. They may be able to take a game or maybe even two in the losers bracket, but I can’t see them getting past whoever would be in the winners bracket

  • AirForceRebel

    Not sure how you decided to seed the SEC teams but you have Ole Miss and South Carolina as #2 seeds but LSU as a #1 seed. Too much emphasis was placed on their RPI’s (LSU-15, SC-19, Ole Miss-21) which are close enogh that overall record, SEC record, and head-to-head record should have come into account. Obviously it didn’t! Compare SC, Ole Miss, and LSU in those three areas. Overall record: SC 37-11, Ole Miss 34-15, LSU 34-15. Conference record: SC 17-7, Ole Miss 15-9, LSU 12-12. Head-to-head: SC/LSU did not play, Ole Miss swept LSU 3-0. Seeding LSU over either team is rediculous!

    Also, as much as I like the SEC and realize that our top 10 teams all have excellent RPI’s, I think getting 10 teams in is a stretch, 8-9 is more realistic.

    • Tigerterrace

      Like I posted earlier it was obvious that this weeks projections was based solely on RPi and that is why you have LSU hosting as a 12-12 SEC team and why you have 10 SEC teams in the field. I’m an SEC guy, but I don’t see that happening. Especially without a member on the committee to lobby for that team.

      This is how I break down the host schools.
      SEC (4) UF, Ark, (Ole Miss, USC, Vandy, Auburn)
      ACC (4) Virginia, Ga Tech, FSU, Miami
      Big XII (2) Texas, Oklahoma
      Pac-10 (2) Arizona St., UCLA
      Big East (1) Louisville
      Big South (1) Coastal Carolina
      WAC (1) TCU
      Big West (1) Cal St. Fullerton

      UCONN could get another bid for the Big East if Oklahoma or UCLA falls down the stretch. There is grow sentiment for their bid, but I think that Oklahoma will grab that spot with the Big XII Commissioner on the committee.

      • I think UConn will end up hosting at worst as a 2 seed so they can three northern programs and fly in a team from outside the region to save money.

  • lsufandeblieux3

    rigth now only way lsu can host a regional is the ncaa giving to them, and making them a number 2 seed. we do have one of the top 5 stadiums in the nation. still 7 more games left and the sec tournament. we could get on a row. but im afraid of being ship to texas, tcu or virginia

  • SMissEagle

    I see there is still no respect for Southern Miss, despite an 11 game winning streak which includes 3 conference sweeps. Yeah, there was a slump once conference play started, but this team’s usual lineup is only missing 3 players from last year’s CWS team, and they seem to have things figured out. I understand the reason for doubting them based on this season’s record, but they are now in contention to win the conference and there is no reason to be surprised if they make it out of the regional round again this year.

  • Bada Bing

    I zero respect for the Golden Eagles. Beating Rice 11-2 right now in Houston.

  • E-Pats

    South Carolina a #2 seed?? Seriously, you need to change your career field…

  • John

    I think the winner of the Ole Miss/Auburn series will get to host, and a lot of it depends on how things turn out in Hoover at the SEC Tournament. I think this is a good foundation as to how it might play out, but there is still a lot of factors yet to happen like how teams play in their conference tournaments.

  • South Carolina a 2 seed???

    You have South Carolina a 2 seed?????? But LSU hosting????

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