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CBB Column: 2010 NCAA Regional Projections (May 6)

The College Baseball Blog continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2010 NCAA Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to begin today. We used Boyd’s World RPI which was updated through games on Tuesday as that was the latest available. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.

Austin Regional

1. Texas (1) *
2. Stanford
3. Texas State *
4. Binghamton *

Fort Worth Regional

1. TCU *
2. Oklahoma
3. Washington
4. Oral Roberts *

Tempe Regional

1. Arizona State (2) *
2. Western Kentucky
3. New Mexico
4. Sacred Heart *

Fullerton Regional

1. Cal State Fullerton *
2. California
3. New Mexico State *
4. Wright State *

Charlottesville Regional

1. Virginia (3) *
2. College of Charleston
3. Kentucky
4. Army *

Oxford Regional

1. Ole Miss
2. Arizona
3. Texas Tech
4. South Alabama *

Gainesville Regional

1. Florida (4)
2. Connecticut *
3. North Carolina
4. Bethune-Cookman *

Tallahassee Regional

1. Florida State
2. Florida Atlantic
3. Kansas State
4. Florida Gulf Coast *

Coral Gables Regional

1. Miami (FL) (5)
2. Alabama
3. Pittsburgh
4. Canisius *

Baton Rouge Regional

1. LSU
2. Rice *
3. Louisiana-Lafayette
4. Southern *

Columbia Regional

1. South Carolina (6) *
2. Virginia Tech
3. Southeastern Louisiana
4. Charlotte *

Atlanta Regional

1. Georgia Tech
2. Auburn
3. Liberty
4. James Madison *

Louisville Regional

1. Louisville (7)
2. Vanderbilt
3. Michigan *
4. Toledo *

Fayetteville Regional

1. Arkansas
2. Oregon
3. Texas A&M
4. Southeast Missouri State *

Conway Regional

1. Coastal Carolina (8) *
2. Clemson
3. The Citadel *
4. Columbia *

Los Angeles Regional

2. San Diego *
3. UC Irvine
4. Illinois State *


Last five in: Kentucky, Washington, Southeastern Louisiana, UC Irvine, Liberty

First ten out: Washington State, Appalachian State, Wichita State, Kansas, Tennessee, Boston College, Rutgers, Baylor, Georgia Southern, Southern Mississippi

(#) denotes national seed

* denotes automatic bid

  • Joe

    Nice to see all you writers jumping away from Maine and going over to Binghamton. I don’t think they have the arms to beat Maine in the conference tournament.

    • Colin Weber

      The automatic bids are based on the conference standings at the current time. They are not a prediction of what will happen in the conference tournament.

  • Tim

    Hey Colin,

    I hope you guys are right about Kentucky…the RPI sure supports their being in the field. I’ll assume from your projections that they can make the field without making the SEC tournament?

    Thanks for the CBB and keep the great info coming!

  • Tim

    Thanks, Brian. Those young pitchers have battled but Alex Meyer returning this weekend can’t hurt.

    • Honestly, I don’t consider Kentucky an NCAA team right now but they can show it over the next three weekends.

  • Tim

    I suppose winning about 8 games over the next three weeks is about the only case they can make to get into the field. If they don’t get in, it won’t be because they aren’t well coached…with the injuries and illnesses (including Paxton’s Borasitis), Henderson and the guys have done a great job.

  • I am trying to remember the last time that a team(Stanford) goes back to the host team site(Texas) having already being there during the regular season??

    • Colin Weber

      Dallas Baptist was the 2 seed at Texas A&M in 2008 after playing a weekend series at Olsen Field in May, so it’s not unprecedented.

  • Tigerterrace

    If you are looking for an answer to that question you can look at just about any year that LSU has hosted since the late 80s. It seems that every year the committee likes to leave at least one Louisiana school in that region whether it is Tulane, UNO, Lafayette, or Southern. Most year LSU would have played them at home at least once or played them at a neutral site.

  • Tigerterrace

    In next weeks, ranking you can use three pieces of information.

    First, OU will be in the mix as a regional host they have moved up the RPI enough for them to be handed a spot.
    Second, Fullerton will also be a regional host and they may not be the 15th team.
    Third, Coastal will be a National Seed probably number six.

    The ten person committee includes the Big XII Commissioner and the Big South Commissioner. The Fullerton AD was on this committee for the last three years. Stanford will not go to Texas, Marquess is on the committee. They will go to Fullerton.

  • Stanford or Cal has to get shipped out as there are not enough west coast seeds NOT in the Pac-10 for both of them. Plus, you have Oregon in the mix too.

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