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Fox 10 talks with Former ASU coach Pat Murphy

PatMurphyASU Fox 10 Phoenix recently sat down with former Arizona State baseball coach Pat Murphy to discuss his sudden departure from Tempe. Murphy spent the previous 15 seasons with the Sun Devils before abruptly resigning in November. You can check out the two part interview below.

  • pokie

    On a side note: What stood out to me was how much younger Murphy appeared in the interview as opposed to when he was coaching. Although he’s extremely disappointed with how things went down, there’s less stress showing and that may be the silver lining. I never realized his likeness to Paul Newman.

  • It was nice to finally hear Pat Murphy speak out, but I don’t like the timing of the interview. They could’ve tracked Murphy down a month ago, but they waited until a week before the season starts. I don’t think this is what ASU needed right before their first game, but at least Murphy was a class act about everything.

  • Adam

    Adam — I don’t think that ASU’s needs are what Fox10 were thinking about in the timing. With a niche sport like college baseball, from their perspective a week before the season is the best time to do it because people’s minds are just starting to go back to ASU’s prospects. As much grief as ASU fans give to the media in tucson for giving u of a a free pass for anything and everything, we can’t have it both ways and complain when the Phoenix media actually acts like real journalists and covers the story regardless of how it might look towards the Sun Devils.

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