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Mitch Mustain exploring a “Baseball” career?

Mitch2 Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News reports that USC backup quarterback and former Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain is exploring the possibility of playing baseball for the Trojans in the spring. According to Mustain, he had a 0.90 ERA in his last high school season and already has spoke with USC pitching coach Tom House about the possibility.

You can check out the full article by clicking here.

Thanks to The Wiz of Odds for sending this to us.

  • Scott

    While he obviously has a strong arm, I hope that USC’s pitching staff is strong enough where they won’t need him. But I fear it might not be.

  • Matt Cassel also pitched for the Trojans back in the day too

  • Scott

    Agreed, but Cassel was also recruited for baseball out of high school. Mustain, from the time frame he gives (6 years), didn’t play baseball the last two years of high school. I think the situations are radically different.

    • I know Cassel’s brother played in the Majors a few years ago….He might still be on a team!!

      Mustain has had a less then interesting college career. Highly recruited out of high school and has done nothing special.

  • Marcus Kingsley

    That’s quite odd. A former football player wanting to play pro baseball? It’s pretty much unheard of. He better have a good arm if he wants to be a pitcher. That really strikes me as odd though, that he’d want to play baseball after playing football. I’ve always enjoyed football much more than baseball, and given the chance to play pro ball, I’d take it in a minute. But whatever floats your boat I suppose.

  • Mustain’s football career is pretty much over as Barkley has taken over the USC offense and they have a good backup that is also ahead of Mitch. I just think Mitch wants to get into some sort of competition over staying on the sidelines.

  • Scott

    Mustain’s only chance at playing time at USC is if Barkley has an injury. USC is also on one of the top QBs in this year’s class. I agree that Mustain is probably just wanting to get into something competitive and I don’t think that USC is opposed to trying anything at this point. I think the larger point to be made is are the baseball coaches reaching for something that will bring people and interest in, because the play on the field hasn’t been doing it the last couple of years.

  • bansheebro

    It’s great to hear Mustain wants to compete on the baseball diamond. He was a very highly recruited athelete, that is looking for another opportunity and USC might be the benefactor. Every team needs good pitching and maybe he is the guy to make it happen. I wish him the best of luck and hopes he gets a shot.

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