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Feedback on the Blog?

Since this is a slow time for news in College Baseball, I think this would be an excellent time to get some feedback from our great readers on some of the great stuff we have done over the year. What have you liked/disliked? What would you like to see more of? Question and Answer sessions? Live Game Blogs? More Feature Articles? Leave your comments in the section below or by sending me an email by clicking here.

Updated: August 30, 2009 — 3:57 pm
  • Jim Berry

    I look at this site every day, even in the off season. I appreciated the fact that you have information from all parts of the country and all levels of play. This is really the only site I have found that does that. I like reading what some of the “lesser known” programs are doing.

  • Thanks Jim….

  • alohaball

    I, too, enjoy your blog very much. Great job. Just a few observations/suggestions. Because this is a blog format and not a message board, sometimes it’s hard to see what the most recent comments are, especially if someone responds to an article which is no longer on the main page. Is there a way you can post recent comments somewhere or are we left to the RSS 2.0?

    A Q&A would be appreciated, doesn’t necessarily have to be a live session, just somewhere questions could be posed and answers provided.

    It would be nice to get more personal observations from you/staff. That may not be the direction you’d want to take, but just a thought.

    I just want to say again that this is a great site. Heads above the rest that I’ve seen.

  • I can add a Most Recent Comment Widget….Should be on the site the next time you come.

  • alohaball

    I like the widget. Nicely done.

  • William Knox

    I want a t-shirt

  • alohaball

    Just remembered a question I wanted to ask you. I noticed in the past that when I wanted to copy a line/passage from one of the articles, it wouldn’t let me do it. Is there a reason why? I always cite source and provide the link when posting to other sites.

  • Yes, I have a reason that it is not allowed. If you want a full explanation feel free to email me.

    It has nothing to do with you at all.

  • JUCOBall

    I stumbled across this forum just a couple weeks ago and it seems very informative and in depth.

    My son is a JUCO player and I was curious if it might be possible to include news, schedules, etc. about the teams in NJCAA?

  • Wiley

    the college baseball is by far one of my favorite sites. You guys do a fantastic job with all of the blogs and lightning fast news. I really appreciate it.
    I was wondering, why not start a podcast and show some of your personal views along with a Q&A like alohaball said. But I appreciate you even asking for a feedback. Thanks again.

  • J1cobra

    I am new to this site any info on U of H baseball would be appreciated my nephew is a freshman there he is RHP from Georgetown good fastball, slider excellent closer his era last year was 1.20 49 innings

  • OK, Jim, I agree with you that CBB’s coverage of all divisions separates it from other college baseball (or baseball in general) sites.

    Writing about the NAIA, northwest summer leagues, and a D-I game every once in a while, is exactly what I do.

    However, the readership for the coverage of the NAIA national championships I’ve done (with the notable exception of the tournament preview) has been low. One particular disappointment was the interview I did of Lee coach Mark Brew. I say this not because of the work that I put into it. I say this because I came away from the interview with a very high opinion of Coach Brew, and think that what he had to say deserved a larger audience.

    Quite a few people in Lewiston told me that they read my stuff. The suggestion that I have here is, we need to get the word out to the Delta States, Chico States, and Chapmans that what they do is getting coverage here. And, if their SID’s send us stuff, they will get more coverage.

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