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Newspaper Links for March 5th

Here are some of the best articles from around the country about College Baseball. The first article is from the Leominster (MA) Champion which talks with Air Force assistant coach Scott Marchand. The next article is from the Arkansas Daily Gazette which talks about sophomore two way player Brett Eibner. The next article is also from the Arkansas Daily Gazette which talks about the immediate impact Bo Bingham made on Wednesday afternoon. Andrew Howard of The Daily Bruin (UCLA Student Paper) has a good article about how many fans of the UCLA program are thinking about jumping off the bandwagon and shouldn’t. The second to last article is from The Daily Progress which talks with UVA pitcher Danny Hultzen who is expected to get the start on Friday night in the ACC opener for the Cavaliers. The final article is from The Burlington (VT) Free Press which talks with Justin Milo of Vermont. He has a tough decision to make as he will be draft eligible in baseball and will be competing in hockey next season at the collegiate level.

Leominster Champion talks with Scott Marchand
Brett Eibner making an impact on the mound
Bo Bingham makes an immediate impact
UCLA fans don’t lose confidence yet
UVA’s Danny Hultzen gets the ball against Wake Forest
Justin Milo weighing options

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