MLB Network set to show Doubleheader on Saturday

The new MLB Network will be showing the MLB Urban Invitational game on Saturday. The first game between Bethune-Cookman and San Diego will start at 5pm Eastern time. The second game will feature San Diego State led by MLB legend Tony Gwynn taking on Southern University at 8:30pm. So if you are stuck home like I am in New England, these are some of the best games available on your cable provider. If you know of any free webcasts feel free to post a link to them in the comment section of this post.

  • Brian Foley

    Tennessee vs Oregon State Webcast

    Stanford vs Vanderbilt Webcast

    Both games are free.

  • Bob Broughton

    I was all set to watch Tennessee-Oregon State, but it turns out that Sunday’s game was cancelled due to winter weather conditions.

    Stanford-UC Riverside is supposed to be available from, but when I click the link, I get a window about installing Micro$oft Silverlight.

    • Brian Foley

      That stinks….Vanderbilt might play today and they usually do free webcasting.

      You can also check out Texas who webcasts game.