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Myles Brand’s Health

I recently saw that Myles Brand who is the NCAA President has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He wrote the following letter to university presidents:


Very recently the diagnosis of my health problem has been confirmed. I have pancreatic cancer. The long-term prognosis is not good. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, and I am receiving excellent care. I will know in the next several months the success of this treatment. I shared this information with the NCAA Executive Committee this afternoon.

I will let you know if there is a change in my condition. But I do want to take this time to sincerely thank all those who wished me well when they learned that I was ill. Your supportive thoughts, good wishes and prayers have given me strength. From my heart, I thank you for it.

Myles Brand

The College Baseball Blog would like to wish Myles a happy and safe recovery from this condition.

  • My prayers go out to him and his family in this time of need. I have watch somebody very close to me go through this very same thing. Pancreatic is a very serious disease. VERY TOUGH.

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