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Rivals College Baseball Editor Kendall Rogers has put out some interesting articles over the last week. The first article focuses on some head coaches around the nation that have failed to live up to expectations. He lists South Florida’s Lelo Prado as disappointing in his first two years in Tampa. I tend to disagree with Rogers since it takes longer then two years to develop a solid program. He brings up Tony Gwynn who has been an absolute disaster with the San Diego State program over the last six years only finishing over .500 in 2004 with a 35-29 record and in 2008 when they went 31-28. The other coach he puts on notice is Chad Kreuter who took over the Southern Cal program before the 2007 season where he had a record of 29-27 in his debut and followed that up with a 28-28 record in 2008. The full article is available by clicking here.

Kendall has put out a great article about URI head coach Jim Foster’s efforts to raise money for autism in which one of his daughters was diagnosed with a few years ago. He had his squad help with a local autism event recently from helping running the event to raising money for the cause. The full article is available by clicking here.

Kendall has been writing up extensive previews over the last few days on many different programs. The latest team was the Texas Longhorns who are looking to return to the elite status in college baseball after a disappointing 2008 campaign. He also wrote a very good article on the work being done by George Horton at Oregon who will be entering his first campaign as Oregon returns to NCAA Baseball.


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