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CBB Editorial: The Pedro Alvarez Situation

Assistant Editor Mark Rafferty sent me a link to a Fanhouse post about the Pedro Alvarez situation. Alvarez is currently refusing to take a physical or take part in a press conference under the advice of his agent Scott Boras.

Boras is stating that the contract signed by Pedro is void because it came after the midnight deadline on August 15th. Boras did not raise any issues when he negotiated the contract, but since has gotten the MLBPA on his side. They have filed a grievance on behalf of Mr. Alvarez claiming that the contract was signed after the deadline thus making it illegal.

We were able to talk with Darren Heitner who is the CEO of Dynasty Athlete Representation, LLC to ask for his opinion about the situation. He believes that MLB and MLBPA are using this Alvarez situation as a way to make an example of how both organizations are not following the rules of the CBA. Heitner states the following:

Collective bargaining agreements are as worthless as the paper they are printed on if they are not adhered to by both negotiating parties. If Pedro Alvarez is given 45 minutes, then next year’s 2nd pick will try to get 90 minutes. Where does it end?

I tend to agree with Heitner’s expert analysis of the stuation that MLB and the Players Association need to make sure they do not allow for these negotations to be taking place after the deadline because it is a slippery slope and could tumble in next year’s draft.

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