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Cape Cod League Articles

The Cape Cod League sent us a bunch of articles written by CCBL interns on the prospect of players signing temporary contracts to Brewster celebrating their 20th year in existence. The first article is written by Ashley Crosby who looks at the whole league in terms of temporary players. (The full article is available here.) Ashley also has a nice article about Harwich honoring Fred Thacher last weekend. (The full article is available here.) The last article written by Ashley focusing on the Cotuit Kettleers and their influence in the community. (The full article is available here.) Another article was written by Laura Rasmussen on temporary players which looks at three players with the Falmouth Commodores. (The full article is available here.) Laura also wrote an article on the Cape League game in Brockton on Saturday which is available here.

  • PWilson

    The Cape may have the “name” players, but they don’t draw fans like the Northwoods league and the West Coast Collegiate League

  • Drawing fans is not important plus the Cape League is free and they have the BEST players in the country playing for them.

  • PWilson

    I thought it was about the game, not the players? Typical east coast bias (Like espn)

  • I personally go for the good players in the league not for the love of the game. If I wanted to go to a game for the love of it, then I would be at a Legion game.

  • PWilson

    To each their own I guess. If I want to go see good players I go to a professional game. I want the overall atmosphere, I go to a Northwoods League game.

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