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The CBB dining guide to the NAIA National Championship

A quick guide to the food concessions at Harris Field, Lewiston, ID, for this week’s NAIA National Championship:

Expresso and More: The best lattes between Pomeroy and Orofino. However, they also sell some sort of unhealthy-looking sugary substance for kids, so get your cappucino, latte, or whatever before the crowd builds up in the afternoon.

The China Inn: Tasty food, and also economical. They’ve been at this tournament for a few years.

Taco del Sol: Like the China Inn, a good place to get a good feed. Their mission burrito is a notch above Taco del Mar. If you’re looking for something healthy, they also have a taco salad.

Happy Day Catering: Their principal product is a Philly cheese steak sandwich. If you’re actually from Philadelphia, you might mildly disapprove of it; otherwise, it’s pretty good. They also have a beef brisket sandwich, which is basically the Philly without the cheese and all the other stuff.

Coming Thursday: An interview with Scott McClure, Manager of Championship Sports for the NAIA

Updated: May 28, 2008 — 2:20 pm
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