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Doug Kroll’s top catchers

Doug Kroll of CSTV checks in with an article about the top catchers in the nation. He talks about Buster Posey of FSU being the top backstop in the nation. Posey is entering his junior season but only his second season behind the plate. The CBB will be checking out Posey this season when the Seminoles visit BC on April 11th-13th. Petey Paramore of Arizona State is listed in the second spot and should put up huge numbers in 2008 on one of the top offensive teams. Rounding out the top five is Tim Federowicz of UNC, Phil Disher of South Carolina, and Doug Hogan of Clemson. I am surprised that Ryan Lavarnway of Yale was not anywhere in his top five or on the players to watch list. The full article is available here.

  • djbfootball

    WOW I would take Preston Clark over all those guys. Preston reminds me of Pudge Rodriguez. He keeps the runners close at first and has a quick release and a strong arm to gun them down at 2nd.

  • tommy

    How come Derrick Alfonso from Louisville does not get any pub when mentioning top catchers in the nation? He,s the only Catcher who,s thrown out over 40 percent of base runners three years in a row. He,s well on his way again this year as he,s already thrown out three out of 4 this year. You just can,t run on this guy . He also handled a pitching staff that was in the top 5 in the nation in era last year. He hit 313 his sophmore year and slumped a little last year 275, but he had 5 hr,s and 31 RBI,S from the seventh spot last year.

  • maniac

    Alfonso has an incredibly quick release. Anybody that throws out 31 out of 60 like he did last year is unconscious. He definitely can hit.He has only been catching 3 years and has really had to concentrate on learning how to catch. He could have a breakout year at the plate this year. He started off the season where he left off last year, throwing out 3 out of 4. He has the chance to throw out over 40 percent 4 years in a row.That is an amazing stat at the Division 1 level, especially for someone who played shortstop most of his high school career. One of his problems is that he needs to learn not to take so many chances with his arm. He loves to throw. He is very durable, catching over 165 games so far at louisville. He could be a sleeper in the draft.

  • We will see what happens in the coming months with the Draft.

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