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The Case for Wood Bats Gaining Steam

brokenbat2_485 Multiple Conference Commissioners in Division II baseball are exploring the idea of introducing wood bats universally to their level of play in 2012. It seems that this season we have seen multiple incidents involving balls hit at the pitcher that have inflicted harm. Tommy Toledo of Florida was struck in the face with a line drive that required surgery, and he is yet to return. Corey Williams of Vanderbilt was struck by a line drive on this now infamous play against the Gators, and the result was a broken kneecap and surgery. Also, Nick Capito of UCSB was struck in the face a few weeks back, but returned for his next scheduled start.

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Wood Bats vs Metal Bats

11370259_BG1 This is an argument that comes up every single off-season at least once on this site about the use of Wood Bats vs Metal Bats. There is currently a case in a Montana court room where a pitcher was struck by a ball in the temple and died a few hours later when a blood clot formed. The pitcher’s parents are suing Hillerich & Bradsby which is the parent company of Louisville Slugger.

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College Baseball should remove Metal Bats?

Russell Branyan (Courtesy of SDDirk)
Russell Branyan (Courtesy of SDDirk)

This argument comes up almost every season that college baseball needs to remove metal bats. Today’s argument comes from an article from Thetowntalk.com writer Randy Benson. He states that the college game is broken and to fix the game they should switch over to wood bats. I totally disagree with this as the wood bat games I have attended at the Division 2 level have been absolutely boring and even the summer league games which use wood bats have been awful to watch as balls barely even got to the outfield. Continue reading College Baseball should remove Metal Bats?

Metal vs. wood bat debate has few resolutions

This story first appeared in the Dallas Morning News and it is being reprinted with permission from Matt Wixon.

FLOWER MOUND – Donnie Norris remembers raising his glove to try to catch the ball and turning his head so he wouldn’t get hit in the face. The next thing the 14-year-old remembers is sitting up on the pitching mound and groggily telling his dad:

“Man, I ain’t pitching anymore.”

That was four weeks ago, when Norris was hit with a line drive on the right side of his face while pitching for his select baseball team, the Carrollton-based Texas Travelers. The Travelers are one of more than 150 youth teams playing this week in the American Amateur Youth Baseball Alliance Open World Series in Flower Mound.

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