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Should we blame Title IX?

Duqusene Baseball John Steigerwald of The Observer-Reporter checked in with an interesting article on Sunday about how Title IX is coming to blame for the elimination of four sports (including baseball) at Duquesne. The article states that Title IX was set up to prevent any person from being excluded on the basis of sex from any educational program or activity receiving federal funding. Is that really what is happening at Duquesne and other schools around the country?

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University of Oregon reinstates Baseball!

The University of Oregon will reinstate baseball as one of its intercollegiate programs following a 26-year absence, according to an announcement Friday by the school’s Director of Athletics Pat Kilkenny.

Kilkenny said that his decision was based in part upon the financial future of the Ducks’ department of athletics as well as a growing interest in the sport on a national level and among University of Oregon constituents and alumni.

He added that an aggressive timetable for bringing back baseball on an intercollegiate basis would include the hiring of a national caliber coaching staff no later than this fall, with Oregon to resume competition during the 2008-09 season.

Oregon had remained as the only school in the Pacific-10 Conference without a baseball program since it was one of four sports eliminated following the 1980-81 season due to financial considerations. The other sports that were dropped at that time were men’s gymnastics as well as women’s golf and soccer.

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Title IX issues at Mississippi State?

The Reflector (Student newspaper of Mississippi State) checks in with an article about Title IX which is asking for protection of the men’s sports. The Mississippi State baseball coach Ron Polk is quoted saying “What I really want to see is Title X, Where’s our protection? Where’s the protection against men’s sports being cut?” I find this type of comment right on the mark because many schools have decided to cut funding for many sports at smaller school to get in complaince with Title IX. When I do start to have issues with Mr. Polk is when he states the following: “It doesn’t bother me at all that women’s softball gets to give out 20 scholarships, I just want to be able to offer the same amount, especially since we’re one of the biggest sources of revenue for the athletic department.” This is a very offensive statement because for many years MSU gave out a very large percentage of scholarships to his team and other male programs while forgetting about women’s athletics. Remember Women’s sports before Title IX? Very few people remember them before Title IX.

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