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Slow Day/Site News

Listen to The CBB on internet talk radioThere was not much news around the College Baseball World on Wednesday. I thought I would ask for some suggestions on the future of the site. We are currently thinking about doing a season preview podcast sometime in February where we will give a Top 25 and our thoughts on the best teams around the country. We would also discuss some other issues around college baseball including the uniform start date and other issues. Would you guys listen to it? If you have anything to add about the site negative or positive feel free to leave a comment.

Looking for sponsors

The College Baseball Blog is looking for sponsors for the 2008 college baseball season which is right around the corner. We receive over a thousand hits a day and provide some of the best college baseball coverage on the internet. We are trying to get enough money together to start selling t-shirts on the site which will contain the logo of your company. If your company would be interested in talking with us about this oppurtunity feel free to give us an email and we will give you some more information.




There was a brief six hour outage of the College Baseball Blog. GoDaddy was having some issues with WordPress which are fixed now and we should not have anymore in the near future. If you ever have a problem, I URGE you to email me at anytime and I will be all over it.

UPDATE: GODADDY is still having issues. As of 1:48 pm, Our site is running very slowly.

UPDATE #2: As of 2:59 pm, The site seems to be running much better now.




We received some great donations over the last two days and will be able to keep the site running over the next year. The people that donated will be the first to receive CBB T-shirts which hopefully will be made in the coming months. I was thinking about making a trip to Tempe for one of the tournaments which ASU is hosting with Vanderbilt, Oregon State, and Miami (OH) joining them.

If we keep getting these great donations, we will make this one of the top college baseball sites in the country with the upgrades I can do to the site.

Happy New Year

The College Baseball Blog would like to send out a Happy New Year message to all of our readers and subscribers of the site. We have seen immense growth over the last year with over 20,000 hits a month since we moved over to our own server. It costs us about $100 dollars a year to host the site and basic upkeep. We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2008 season so if you are interested feel free to contact us. If you are an individual and would be interested in helping out with the cost of the running the site please donate money through the PayPal link on the right side or email me and I will give you an address to send some money. We are just looking to cover our costs for the entire year so we can continue to bring you the best college baseball coverage in the country.

We are finally looking to get some media guides for teams across the country which we will be covering so SID’s free to email us for our address.




Thanks for checking out The College Baseball Blog. We have moved over to this domain as it will allow us to grow the site. We might experience some hiccups in the coming days as we are trying to optimize the site but make sure if there are any issues send us an e-mail by clicking here.

In the upcoming months, We are planning on having interviews with coaches, a pre-season podcast show in mid-February, and going to add a message board feature on the site. We would like to know if any of our great readers have any ideas for the growth of the site. Feel free to leave some comments.

Watch out!

We are currently working on some stuff on the site. We are trying to get involved with Digg among other things. This site will still be up in the meantime and don’t expect any downtime but the site might look a little funky for a few days until we find the right look for the site.


I have recently been slacking off on the site because I had to take the Massachusetts Teaching Exam today. I apologize to all the fans of the blog because I want to create the top college baseball resource in the country. I will have more time on my hands to cover the college baseball world in the upcoming months. We have seen tremendous growth over the last year with over 500 people visiting on certain days. The staff has made plans to attend between 25-30 baseball games this spring in the Northeast from Boston College to Franklin Pierce.