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CBD Roundtable on NCAA Recruiting Changes

cbd_roundtableLast weekend, the NCAA took some steps to make the rulebook more meaningful, enforceable, and supportive of the student athletes by changing some rules to create a more flexible manuel based on common sense.

Jason Belzer of Forbes Magazine believes that the rule changes “Open Door For Escalation Of College Athletics Arms Race.” You can read his full article on his opinion about them by clicking here.

The full rules that were changed are listed below while we have gotten a few coaches opinions on them. Continue reading

New bat rules to change College Baseball?

MikeBiancoOleMiss Chase Parham of RebelGrove.com (Ole Miss Rivals Site) has an excellent article about how the new bat changes are affecting college coaches for the upcoming 2011 season. The NCAA put in new testing standards for this upcoming season which have significantly affected the “pop” in the bat. According to Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco he has seen several full batting practices fail to yield a homer. This is very interesting and will change the way College Baseball is played with more Texas style games of bunting and stealing while we will see less “Gorilla Ball” tactics in the spring.

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NCAA Baseball Rules Committee Announces Changes


NCAALogo INDIANAPOLIS – The NCAA Baseball Rules Committee has voted to implement rules that address the pace of play and proposed an alteration to the rules governing obstruction by fielders.

After allowing the use of a pitch and between innings clock experimentally last year, the committee voted to mandate the use of a timing device and implemented penalties for non-compliance. Current rules require pitchers to start their delivery in no more than 20 seconds without runners on base. This rule remains and an umpire will be required to monitor and enforce this time limit. Additionally, in non-televised games, umpires will enforce a 90 second limit between innings. The committee recommended a time limit for televised games of 108 seconds, which the Southeastern Conference used experimentally during the 2010 season. However, the committee acknowledged that the time between innings will continue to be a negotiable point in television agreements.

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NCAA schools propose changes to current baseball scheduling

NCAAPhoto After last season’s changes to the schedule for NCAA baseball teams, a proposal has been raised to add a 14th week onto the beginning of the scheduling period to allow an easement from the already cramped 56-game schedule the NCAA allows.

The proposal, sponsored by Conference USA, is opposed by a group comprised solely of schools in the North, including all eleven schools in the Big 10. The opposition suggest a 14th week added at the end of the season, after spring classes are finished.

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SEC to use Pitch Clock in 2010 Tourney

SEC LOGO According to multiple sources, SEC Athletic Directors have approved the use of a 20 second pitch clock during the 2010 SEC Tournament. The goal of the clock is to shorten games and make them more fan and TV friendly.

I remember watching last season a game from the SEC Tournament at around 1 AM eastern time and could not believe that they were still on.

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West Virginia’s Van Zant’s proposal goes to NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee

vanzant-greg I reported on January 6th that West Virginia head coach Greg Van Zant made a proposal for a change to the RPI. (FULL STORY) It was discussed at the ABCA convention and recently was sent off to the NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee where it will be reviewed again. Continue reading

WVU’s Van Zant wants a Change in RPI

West Virginia’s Greg Van Zant recently made a proposal to the NCAA about changing the RPI to make it more reasonable for Northern schools. The main point in his proposal was that 60 percent of games are won by the home team. This gives the Northern schools who have to start the first three weeks of the season on the road a disadvantage in the RPI. It is the primary factor in figuring out who is going to be the at-large selections for the NCAA Tournament. Continue reading

CBB Roundtable on 2009 Rule Changes

The College Baseball Blog will be providing roundtable discussions during the season on some of the big issues around college baseball. We invited Swarthmore Assistant Coach Jordan Wyckoff to join our writers to discuss some of the rule changes for the 2009 NCAA season. Some of the changes are minor and others focus on the safety of the players and on the field personnel. We will also see a few changes in the amount of conferences each team is allowed on offense and defense. We comment on a bunch of the changes below. Continue reading