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College Baseball Blog fans involved in Adenhart Crash

As most of our readers know, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim starting pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a car crash early Thursday morning after having a tremendous outing against the Oakland A’s. His vechicle was hit by a suspected drunk driver which killed Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, and Harry Pearson. The fourth person in the vehicle in Jon Wilhite who is currently in ICU but conscious. Wilhite played baseball for Cal-State Fullerton from 2004-2008. The reason I bring this to your attention is that Pearson and Wilhite are listed as members of our website’s Facebook group so they must have been fans of the site. Continue reading College Baseball Blog fans involved in Adenhart Crash

Mt. Union bus catches on Fire

The Mount Union Baseball team’s bus caught on fire on Saturday at 7 am according to a report from an online report. The situation was risky with a coach breaking down a door and some of the student athletes having to jump out of windows. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident and only personal items and some equipment received damage in addition to the bus. Continue reading Mt. Union bus catches on Fire

Eric Sorenson’s New Site

Eric Sorenson (Courtesy of CornNation.com)

The College Baseball Blog’s good friend Eric Sorenson has started a new blog called College Baseball Today where he is continuing his coverage of College Baseball. He was one of the many casualties when CSTV was taken over by CBS. The people running CBS decided to take their College Baseball coverage in another direction. Right now, the direction is no coverage of the great game. Eric really made the CSTV coverage worth reading and his site had some great articles over the weekend. Continue reading Eric Sorenson’s New Site

Color Barrier in College Baseball?

Cal Outfielder Cameron Hart
Cal Outfielder Cameron Hart

The Takeaway a show on public radio recently talked about the Racial makeup of college baseball players. It is an interesting show as they bring in a lot of different panelists who have an opinion on the topic. I think the main reason why we don’t see more African-Americans playing college baseball is the use of showcase camps which kids from an urban background struggle to afford. Continue reading Color Barrier in College Baseball?

Kyle Long in some more trouble

We all know about Kyle Long withdrawing from Florida State due to academic issues but news comes to light today. NBC 29 of  Charlottesville Virginia is reporting that Long was driving the wrong way on a street where he was pulled over. He failed two sobriety checks and was taken into custody. When he arrived at the police station, he took a breathalayzer test where he had a BAC of 0.10. Continue reading Kyle Long in some more trouble

CBB Top 50??

Lost Power
Lost Power

If you have been looking for the CBB Top 50 for today we regret to inform you that our Editor Brian Foley lost power last night due to the major Ice Storm that hit the North East and is still with out power. I am sure it was a cold night for Brian. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us. Our emails are listed on the right side with our names. Brian, hopes to have his power back sometime this weekend but you never know.
Continue reading CBB Top 50??