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Boyd’s World Intended Strength of Schedule Rankings

BaylorLogo Boyd’s World has put out their 2010 Strength of Schedule rankings. The Baylor Bears come into the season with the toughest schedule in the country with UCLA coming in at the second spot. Washington, San Diego, and Southern California round out the Top 5. You can check out the rest of the Top 25 and the rankings for all 301 teams in the country below.

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2010 California Media Day Announced


Print CALIFORNIA– Two dozen teams make up the Division-I college baseball landscape, bolstering Hall of Fame players, Cy Young Award winners and collegiate national championships.

For the first time in state history, teams from around the state will be a part in the Easton California College Baseball Media Day, January 22 at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney and January 26 at Stanford University. Each day of the event-series will begin at 9 a.m.

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KR: New Coaches Looking to Impress

ErikBakich Kendall Rogers of Rivals.com recently ranked the new coaching hires from across the country. He ranks Tom Walter as the best coaching hire which I disagree with somewhat. I think the best hire in the country was at Maryland as they picked up Erik Bakich from Vanderbilt. Bakich was the heart and soul of the Vanderbilt program in bringing in some great players like Pedro Alvarez and David Price.

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NCAA schools propose changes to current baseball scheduling

NCAAPhoto After last season’s changes to the schedule for NCAA baseball teams, a proposal has been raised to add a 14th week onto the beginning of the scheduling period to allow an easement from the already cramped 56-game schedule the NCAA allows.

The proposal, sponsored by Conference USA, is opposed by a group comprised solely of schools in the North, including all eleven schools in the Big 10. The opposition suggest a 14th week added at the end of the season, after spring classes are finished.

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Northern Sun Conference changes schedule format for 2010

nsiclogo_thumbBeginning with 2010, the Northern Sun Conference has announced that all conference series will start with a nine inning game, immediately followed by a seven inning set. The series will consist of four games over a period of two days. Northern Sun Baseball brings up some interesting points about this change: Continue reading

Wall Street Journal looks at Revenues of College Sports

UKAthletics The Wall Street Journal has put out a very interesting article about the median revenues of major football schools and the numbers are not good for baseball at all. Baseball on average at these schools lose $709,000 while the football programs make nearly 2 million dollars. These numbers are skewed as most major football schools in the northern part of the country have fully funded football programs but do not fully fund the baseball program.

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Former WFU Baseball Coach Charged In Computer Sex Sting

JonPalmieri It is very rare that I have to come on here and actually be disgusted with the story that I have to report but tonight is a different story. According to multiple reports in the Winston-Salem NC area, former Wake Forest assistant coach Jon Palmieri was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly soliciting a 14 year old girl for sex. The girl come to find out was a police officer on the other side. Palmieri continued conversations with the officer for a month before setting up a meeting on Tuesday where the police apprehended him when he showed up.

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Using Numbers instead of Signs?

The San Francisco Chronicle has a good article about a growing trend in College and High School baseball. Everyone that has seen a few different college teams have seen how some college teams communicate with calling pitches with a number system and teams have now tried to bring that over to the offensive side of the game.

I personally think this is a fine idea as it is easier for the players to recognize the numbering system but it does slow the game down. What do you think? Continue reading

College Baseball Blog fans involved in Adenhart Crash

As most of our readers know, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim starting pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a car crash early Thursday morning after having a tremendous outing against the Oakland A’s. His vechicle was hit by a suspected drunk driver which killed Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, and Harry Pearson. The fourth person in the vehicle in Jon Wilhite who is currently in ICU but conscious. Wilhite played baseball for Cal-State Fullerton from 2004-2008. The reason I bring this to your attention is that Pearson and Wilhite are listed as members of our website’s Facebook group so they must have been fans of the site. Continue reading