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Chandler Whitney comes out

Walla Walla Community College baseball player Chandler Whitney has come out to his teammates recently during a team meeting before the 2014 season. Whitney’s boyfriend Willamette University kicker Conner Mertens recently came out to his teammates and friends which gave coverage for Whitney to come out to his teammates. This is the first time that I remember that a current College Baseball player has come out to the public. You can read the full story by clicking here from OutSports.com which is the premier site on issues on Gay Athletes in Sports.

Storify: Should Miami (FL) remove ARod’s Name from Stadium

ArodField_thumb.jpgMajor League Baseball yesterday announced a suspension for Alex Rodriguez for 211 games that runs through the rest of this MLB season and the 2014 season. The Miami Hurricanes baseball program is heavily invested in Alex Rodriguez as the baseball stadium is named after him and he is a member of the university’s board of trustees. We recently asked our Twitter followers for their thoughts on if Arod’s name should be removed from the stadium. Here are some of the best reactions.  Continue reading Storify: Should Miami (FL) remove ARod’s Name from Stadium

Biogensis and NCAA?

EricWhiteMaine2The big news of the day is the upcoming suspensions in MLB with the Biogensis case but why is the NCAA not investigating student-athletes which are involved in this scandal?

The most intriguing of Fischer’s revelations, though, was that there were NCAA athletes associated with his former employer. Does he mean college football players, college basketball, or both? Or possibly college baseball, where an increasing number of major-league players hone their skills before going pro? Given the number of athletes who play college sports, the potential for PED use is staggering–greater than that of all professional sports combined. But as Associated Press reporter Eddie Pells wrote back in 2011, an AP survey of more than 50 schools found that “policies were all over the map – with no consistency or integrated strategy to tie them together.”

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