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Update on Cal Baseball Heading into Spring Practice (VIDEO)

Comcast Sports Bay Area checked in with Cal Head Coach Dave Esquer, as the Golden Bears open Spring practice for what could very well be their final season. After the jump, Esquer updates us how the fundraising has progressed from the announcement on September 28th up to this point.

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Cal Baseball Thoughts from TCBB Staff

CalLogo Yesterday, it was announced that the University of California was eliminating five athletic programs. Cal isn’t the first or last school that has cut a baseball program but is the first in a long time from an elite conference. I was personally involved during my college days of an athletic department study on the feasibility of adding a baseball program. My alma mater New Hampshire still doesn’t have baseball and ended up cutting three sports a year after the study. I asked our TCBB writers and contributors to share their thoughts on Cal cutting these five sports.

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Cal Cuts Baseball Reaction

CalBaseball As reported earlier on Thursday, the California Athletic Department has cut baseball, rugby, men’s and women’s gymnastics and lacrosse will be cut, effective for the 2011-12 academic year. Katie Dowd of The Daily Cal and a contributor to this site has an excellent article detailing how important the baseball program has been to the Berkley campus.

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Cal to cut Baseball

According to a tweet from Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com (Link), Cal will cut the Baseball program after the 2011 season. I am not that surprised about the move as the school was looking into the financial health of the entire athletic department a couple of weeks ago according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. (Link). We are currently working on a full article about the decision to cut the baseball team. It should be up soon.

Baseball among four sports cut at Duquesne

MikeWilsonDUDuquesne University announced today that they will be cutting four men’s varsity sports including the men’s baseball team. This is the third Division 1 baseball team to be cut over the last two seasons joining Vermont and Northern Iowa. I personally find this decision a little shocking as there was no female sports cut at all and Duquesne does not have a scholarship football program. You can check out the full press release below. Continue reading Baseball among four sports cut at Duquesne

Baseball cut at St. Louis Junior Colleges

OldGlove The St. Louis Community College district announced that seven out of the 22 sports offered in the 2009-2010 school year will be cut at the end of the year. This includes two baseball programs being cut at the Forest Park and Florissant Valley campuses. It is always a tough day for any student-athlete to see the program ending. Lets hope these student-athletes can find a place to play next year.

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UW-La Crosse Eagle baseball down but not out

Written by Zach Thiel
Wisco-LacrosseTime is running out for men’s college baseball at University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Due to budget cuts the administration as of June 10th has decided to end their division three baseball program immediately unless $50,000 can be raised by September 1st. The first hurdle will allow play for the upcoming season; however an additional $375,000 will need to be raised by May 2010 to keep baseball at the school over the next 5 years. La Crosse has developed a long list of notable athletes over the years, to name a few: Brewers pitcher Jerry Augustine, Brewers/Huntsville Stars/Team Italy’s catcher Vinny Rottino, first baseman Craig Kusick, NFL lineman Tom Newberry and NFL WR Bill Schroeder. Continue reading UW-La Crosse Eagle baseball down but not out

UMass cuts Baseball

I have confirmed through various sources that UMass-Amherst will likely cut the baseball program at the end of the year. The other UMass schools in Lowell, Dartmouth, and Boston are currently safe though but that could change.

UMass will join Northern Iowa and Vermont to recently announce that they are dropping the sport. The only New England public universities that will sponsor the sport are Maine, UConn, and Rhode Island after this year. New Hampshire dropped baseball back in 1997 while Vermont is dropping the sport after this season.

What do you think of the future of College Baseball especially in the Northeast?