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CBD Roundtable: New RPI Rules for 2013 Season

The biggest news last week was that the NCAA Baseball Committee has recommended changing the way the RPI is calculated for the 2013 season. The revised RPI formula will value each road victory as 1.3 instead of 1.0. Each home win will be valued at 0.7 instead of 1.0. Conversely, each home loss will count 1.3 against at team’s RPI and each road loss will count 0.7 against a team. This is similar to the changes made in Division I men’s and women’s basketball where road wins are weighted as 1.4 and home victories are weighted at 0.6. That was based on statistical data that consistently showed home teams in Division I basketball winning about two-thirds of the time.

College Baseball Daily was able to catch up to coaches from around the country to get their thoughts on the new rules and what changes they might have for their 2013 schedules if they are adopted by NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel meeting on August 11th. You can check out the coaches comments below and the NCAA did a study on what the changes would have done for the 2011 season if they were in effect which can be checked out by clicking hereContinue reading CBD Roundtable: New RPI Rules for 2013 Season

CBD Roundtable on Wittels Situation

The biggest story entering the year is Garrett Wittels 56 game hitting streak. Things aren’t going all smooth with him as he was charged in December in the Bahamas with raping two 17 year old girls. Wittels and two friends posted bond of $10,000 and will appear at a prelimanary hearing on April 18 before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis. The school announced on Wednesday that Wittels would be in the starting lineup to begin the season against SE Louisiana even though the charges are still pending. My question is “Should he be playing this season with the charges pending?” Continue reading CBD Roundtable on Wittels Situation

CBB Roundtable on 2009 Rule Changes

The College Baseball Blog will be providing roundtable discussions during the season on some of the big issues around college baseball. We invited Swarthmore Assistant Coach Jordan Wyckoff to join our writers to discuss some of the rule changes for the 2009 NCAA season. Some of the changes are minor and others focus on the safety of the players and on the field personnel. We will also see a few changes in the amount of conferences each team is allowed on offense and defense. We comment on a bunch of the changes below. Continue reading CBB Roundtable on 2009 Rule Changes