Help Wanted??

I have recently been told by my current employer that they will be cutting my hours down so I will have some more time to cover college baseball for the time being but I am in the need for a full-time position in New England. I have a Bachelor’s of Science from UNH in Sport Studies and a minor in Recreational Management and Policy. Does anyone have any job openings that I am qualified for? I will do pretty much anything that will use me to the best of my abilities. If you have any ideas or possible openings feel free to email me by clicking here.

This is one of the reasons why I have not been posting much on the site as I am currently looking for a job and don’t have all the time to work on the site but I hopefully will be able to settle this situation soon.

Penn State Scrimmage Recap

The Penn State Baseball Program played two scrimmages on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, The teams played until a 2-2 tie which was ended because both teams ran out of pitchers. The White team scored two runs in the first inning off of Blue starter Mike Lorentson. The game would stay 2-0 until the fourth inning when Grant Youngblood got a two out walk. He proceeded to move to second on a single from Mike Deese. Youngblood would then steal third base and would advance home as the throw got away to put the Blue team behind 2-1. The game would stay 2-1 until the ninth inning when with two outs Mike Deese hitting a double and coming home on a single from Joe Blackburn. The scrimmage on Monday was won by the White team 3-1. The White team would use a two run sixth inning to grab the victory. The score was tied at one in the sixth when Jack Greenberg got a leadoff walk moved to second on a wild pitch and scored on a single from freshman catcher Bobby Jacobs. Jacobs would get moved to second on a pass ball and then scored on a single from Rob Yodice. The full recap from the scrimmages is available here.

What’s In Store for 2008

Kendall Rogers of has been busy churning out quality content. Some of his latests items include:

- A rundown of the issues for SEC teams in 2008

- The same rundown for Big 12 squads

- A pre-Fall listing of the top 25 teams heading into the next season (not really a top 25, but rather a 25 teams to watch, listed in alphabetical order).

In his latest Mailbag, Kendall also discusses Irvine, Wake Forest, Oregon and Oregon State, and the differences between Fresno State and San Diego.

Commodores land another All-American

What does it feel like to recruit running backs like Southern Cal? Probably a lot like how Coach Tim Corbin feels when he’s recruiting arms. Corbin has nailed down a seventh big time Pitcher for the ’09 recruiting class.

This one might be the biggest. Adding in a two top JuCo transfers, an elite third sacker and a stud outfielder, and Coach Erik Bakich is close to finishing up recruiting for the current cycle.

Mike Rapp reports on the newest commitment and on the three blue chippers that the Commodores are believed to still be waiting to hear from. You can read the article here if you’re a subscriber.

The latest commitment comes after three weekends in a row in which the Commodores hosted top recruiting prospects, including the blue chippers above referenced. They follow a recruiting class from which Bakich and Corbin escaped Draft-unscathed. Highlighting the new Commodores are potential true-Freshman impact players Catcher Curtis Casali, Pitcher Chase Reid, and Firstbaseman Aaron Westlake. Expected to have more time to grow are high ceiling Pitcher Kellen St. Luce and Outfielder Joey Manning.

Arkansas filling holes?

The Arkansas Traveler writer Cory Crawford checks in on the Arkansas baseball program where they have welcomed 20 new players. The Hogs will be looking to fill in the starting rotation where they were decimated by the MLB where they had three starting pitchers picked in the first two rounds. They will also replace five position players who were lost to the MLB draft. The full article is available here.

Maine to play four games this fall

The Maine Black Bears have announced that they will play a pair of games against the Academy of Baseball Canada and Team Ontario the next two weekends. On September 21st they will host Baseball Canada at 5 pm and then will take them on the next day at 5 pm or at the conclusion of the Umass-Maine football game. They will play Team Ontario September 29th and 30th at 2:30 to round out the fall schedule. The full release is available here.

Baylor Bears start fall Practice!

lead photos

The players are lacing up their cleats. The leather mitts are popping from blazing fastballs. The ping from the impact made on aluminum bats echoes across the street.

Fall baseball practice has arrived for Baylor, and although most of the team still hasn’t had much of a break from the game since spring practice started late last January, the Bears are back on the diamond preparing to contend for their first College World Series appearance since 2005.

Baylor will return six starting position players and a deep pitching rotation for the 2008 season.

But head coach Steve Smith said the fall is an important time to evaluate the incoming freshman class as well as the progression of his returning players after summer leagues at various locations across the country.

“Obviously we have a lot of new guys,” Smith said. “We get a chance to see them up close and personal, so there is a lot of evaluation going on. A lot of the teaching going on for the guys is much of a review since we have so many returning players.”


SeBaseball Article

Mark Etheridge of checks in with an article about many different topics. The first topic which is discussed is the whole Oregon/UC-Irvine/Fullerton musical chair act that has been going on all summer including Rod Delmonico (former head coach at Tennessee) throwing his name in the hat at UC-Irvine. The next topic discussed is how Dave Perno of UGA has had to change up his staff for the 2008 season with an assistant coach moving on to a different school. He finishes up the article by talking about some of winners and losers in the summer in getting transfers. The full article is available here.

Arizona State opens fall practice with 29 scrimmages

The Arizona State Sun Devils have released their fall baseball schedule with 29 intra-squad scrimmages scheduled. The full release is available here. This is not the typical fall schedule as teams usually use this time to develop their players skills in practice and have a five game series at the end of the fall. I wonder why ASU has decided to play so many games this fall? Is there that much competition for spots on the team? Does Pat Murphy just want to take a look at his players in a game situation? I am just wondering. Thanks to Mark over at Pitch Fork Nation for bringing this interesting development to my attention.